Singapore Science Centre: Phobia Party!

by - Friday, April 13, 2018

Last weekend, Singapore Science Centre had a collaboration with Funactivities to bring you guys a blast of a Phobia Party. Me being the cheeky fella decided I should bring my parents and boyfriend along to have a scare since boyfee is such a scaredy cat. I was extremely surprised though! Mom ended up being the one getting freaked out by some of the activities available for us to participate, hahaha.

The exhibition is located inside Science Centre itself, so you have to purchase an entry ticket which entitles you to visit the entire Science Centre, mirror maze, and also $20 worth of food and game vouchers for you to use at their food and game booth! When I say food and games, I really mean decent MEALS and GAMES. Stay till the end to check out what games they had at the Phobia Party!

Our first stop was the Mirror Maze! It's extremely funny watching people get lost inside there. And my mom losing us in the maze because the turns were really small hahahaha

After which we headed over to the Phobia exhibition.

The Phobia walkthrough explains different types of fear a person can experience, and it's effect on a person. It was an extremely educational walkthrough that showcased even the rarest form of phobia ever existed!

Top 10 fears: Is any one of it your's?

They even built a coffin for you to lie down in and feel the feeling of being buried alive! Freaking cool!

Yes, you did not see wrong. There is such a fear called the Fear of Missing Out. All you Mr and Ms Bo jios, KEEP IT REAL!!

A few more common type of phobia.

Are you afraid of clowns? Huehuehue. This exhibition is out to make you conquer all your fears!

Epic scream room I wish I tried! But I lost my parents in the maze and had to run off to catch up with them, hahahahha

Some really nice swirly tunnel that gets smaller and smaller and smaller.... And then leads you into a room filled with different type of fears!

Kimmy trying to jump scare people but failed because no one opened the closet door HAHAHAHAHHAHA.

I was so amused when I first saw this. How can anyone have a phobia for History? So I read again and realized it's actually Fear IN History. Hahahahahhaa. The exhibition also collected many other information on different types of fear and phobia!

Radio, aliens, and gargoyles even???

Selfie booth!
Once out of the exhibition, you can have a go at their fear factor booths located right outside of the exhibition exit!

This is where you seal your fate to......

Eat shit.
HAHAHA! The other option was ear wax. I tried both, and it was tasty.


Both are actually peanut butter la, xD

After that we tried searching for marbles in a bucket of slime!

Daddy trying out static experiment hahaha

There was also pyrotechnic show and tesla show going on! It was cool af. What are the chances of watching such controlled fire and electricity up close? #onlyatScienceCentre

Electric current and helium are apparently not friends at all. It just went jibabom in seconds!!

We headed over to the food and games area after all the shows. The place was creatively decorated with different phobias again, like this one for example....


Best. Goreng. Pisang. Ever. I ate like 3 servings of this??????

There were many carnival games around. Like darts, soccer darts, tic tac toe with bouncing balls, archery, many many more. Unlike carnival games where you exchange prizes at every booth, you collect tickets and then exchange at the redemption counter after you are done! It started drizzling after a while so I didn't get to take much photos, :( Wish I had more time here though, or have this be a long running event haha. Too bad it was only for the weekends. :(

Most of the prizes were also out because we exchanged our tickets too late, but there were emoji cushions left so we ended up bagging 7 emoji cushions home because mommy was so excited to place them on our sofa at the new house LOL.

We were also able to bring back all these drinks before we left because they were distributing it out free during the event. (Thank you Marigold and Somersby!) It is really a pity Fun Activities isn't able to host the event for an extended period of time, hope Science Centre will be able to bring us more after hours event like these soon enough. I didn't get to star gaze that day because it was raining leh, :( sadz.

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