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by - Thursday, February 11, 2016

Got a pair of drop dead gorgeous Grey Lenses from Pinky Paradise!

I've always wanted this pair of lenses(Some other brands), so I was extremely stoked to be able to review it for Pinky Paradise!

The lenses can be a little bit disturbing at first because of it's printing. Part of your vision will be blurred out because of the design. Once your eyes are adjusted to it, it looks and feels totally fine!

A close up shot!

Unlike the usual really sheer grey lenses that doesn't show when you wear, this one is actually very obvious. Which is why it can get slightly uncomfortable when you first wear it, the grey covers part of your vision. But once you are used to the lenses, the design actually poses zero problem!

The 14.8mm diameter helps keep your eyes looking natural, not too out of the world huge. It also has a water content of 38%, so you don't have to worry about it getting dry after long hours of wearing. It is also really soft for a crazy lens. Usually the crazy lenses I own makes my eyes really dry after long hours of wearing. You know, those cosplay type of lenses?

This pair of EOS Bubble Grey is unlike of those, it feels just like your normal circle lenses.

Actually, honestly speaking, I haven't have any problems with any lenses I wore till date. They are all really comfortable, it's just, once in a while I receive the package in really terrible condition due to delivery faults.

One problem though, it feels more of Blue rather than Grey.

Kimmy feels it looks more Blue than Grey, but of course, guys will be guys. Hahahahhahahahaha.
I personally think it's grey. They have actual Light Blue for this series, and it's extremely beautiful too!

And I really love the fact that it's an annual lens! You can keep this up to 1 year, but best recommended to not exceed 6 months. For hygiene purposes, do change your lenses regularly, and clean them properly!

Luckily this time, my lenses arrived safe and sound. XD I remembered how the bottles broke into pieces the last time I got my SuperBarbie(Now known as Luxury) lenses from a random supplier online.....

Thank you once again, Pinky Paradise for letting me review this pair of beautiful lenses, :)
I finally realize my dream of having pure grey eyes, hahahahaha.

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