Chinese New Year Day 1

by - Monday, February 08, 2016

A couple of my relatives from Guangzhou came to visit over the Chinese New Year period. So my family and my cousins decided to be the tour guide and bring them around Singapore to see-see-rook-rook, 8D

First stop, Universal Studios Singapore!

Okay to be very honest with you, apart from the rides, the trip was legit terrible, a total waste of money.
First and foremost, I was down with terrible food poisoning over the weekends due to ingesting some unclean food during reunion dinner. And next, I had to take the rides with my aunt from China. Yes, bringing along the horrendous stomach virus.

It was also extremely crowded, filled with tourists all over the place that every single ride has a minimum waiting time of 120 minutes, with the Jurassic going up to 240 minutes. (Bruh, why don't you just close the ride eh?)
Even owning the season pass, I only got to ride the Jurassic World ride once because the waiting time was insanely long.

Of course we didn't want to waste time waiting.. I mean, after all she's here to visit. Why waste the time waiting for rides yknow. So we went to buy Express passes @ $90 EACH. Goodness gracious, 90 damned bux per ticket. And the waiting time for Express queue is an hour?!?!?!

But we went around queuing anyway since we already bought the tickets, and it's 90 freaking dollars........
Good thing luck was on our side, it only took us around 10 minutes for both Galatica rides! 8D

And we managed to catch Waterworld in action! My favorite part of USS, no doubt! OH. AND LIGHTS CAMERA ACTION TOO. I'll never get sick of that, hahahaha.

Also, I finally got a chance to take a break from my busy schedule to spend some time with my parents out of the house! It's been a while since I last had an outing with my parents like this.

Even though we spent quite worthlessly this trip to USS, but it's worth it if I could get precious time spent with the family in exchange. Sick New Year well spent, hahahahha.

CNY Day 2 @ River Safari, will update soon! :)

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