Formula 10.0.6 Part 2

by - Friday, January 29, 2016

Here I have with me, another set of Formula 10.0.6 skin care! is extremely nice to have given me this chance to try out their amazing facial cleanser and masks. I've been in love with their mud mask ever since I tried it the last time!

This time, I was given a whole new different set of Formula 10.0.6 products, called the Three Times Sublime pack to review.

The main reason why this exclusive box is called the Three Times Sublime pack is because of this 3 in 1 Blackhead nemesis! Not only does it help cleanse your face, it also acts as an exfoliator and helps scrub off all your dead skin while acting as a mask to ensure deep cleansing!

I especially love how it gets rid of all the flaky dead skin on my face, clearing all the clogged pores at the same time. It leaves a really clean base for other products to be absorb into my skin better!

Not recommended to use it too frequently though. You may end up scrubing off all the brand new skin cells altogether if you use it too often! Also, people with dry skin may face over-drying and irritation! Which is why here comes the must-have-buddy, Seriously Shine Free Moisturizer.

It's called Seriously Shine Free because it really leaves your skin seriously shine free. Unlike your usual moisturizer that gives off a seriously shine face, some call it dewy but I really think it looks super oily, this moisturizer gives off a matt finish.

After using the Three Time Sublime, don't forget to always protect your skin with a layer of moisturizer! I like the fact it is not oily. Makes it easier for me to apply make up, and prevent smudges!

Up next are my favorites.

Formula 10.0.6 mud masks!! Their masks are crazy good. Idk, man... Maybe it's because I've been using those ready packed mask pieces, and they don't really show any difference unless prolong usage..... Formula 10.0.6's mud mask really, really keeps my skin cleanse. Like I could really feel my pores unclogged. I especially love the strawberry one, IT SMELLS SO GOOD!

One thing I really dislike though.... That burning, stinggy sensation when you first apply the mask. Don't worry, it's perfectly normal. I guess that's just a process of "opening" the pores before it goes through the deep cleansing stage?

The best part of it is, the feeling you get after washing off the mask after it dries up. That feeling of freedom, and fresh air....

I'm a really lazy person, but I've been using their mud mask twice a week ever since I receive them okay! That clean-twink-twink feeling too shiok to resist. Hahahahaha

You can get your own exclusive Formula 10.0.6 Three Times Sublime pack @ now!
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I hope you enjoy the mask as much as I do, hahahahahaha

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