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by - Sunday, February 21, 2016

Happy Valentine's Day!

Every Valentine is different. I remember last Valentine, was the day my best friend got married and I was her photographer. And it was also the day I got dumped because my ex-boyfriend decided to spend Valentine's fulfilling his promise to his other girlfriend(who apparently started ignoring him the moment he told her about our breakup, HAHAHAHA).

Anyway, who cares you'd say. So this year, Kimmy and I headed over to nooks and cooked some pancakes.

21 Lor Kilat, 598123
+65 6466 1811

I've been whining about visiting nooks for an extremely long time lah. I was dying to try doodling using pancake mix after watching so many insanely good pancake art but then no pans at home to try, so I kept bugging Kimmy to bring me to any DIY Pancake cafe and try try.


Wanted to order like 4 different colors, then the waiter told me 1 bottle of pancake mix is equivalent to 4 servings, and suggest us to just take 2 instead of 4. My reaction was like, siao bo 4 servings!! Budden I cannot get colorful pancakees reh....

We didn't want to waste food lah, so we got 2 bottles in the end. /madsad

And then we got our toppings...... To be honest, it is not very cheap.

Shouldn't have gotten the oreos. We barely even touch it!!
Actually I personally feel, 2 toppings is more than enough. Peanut butter &Nutella.... Nhmmmmmm more than enough!

Got original and chocolate batter!

At this point, I had totally no idea that the original batter has vanilla essence in it.... I thought it was just milk, egg, and pancake powder...... Like legit, original.

Moment of regret when I took my first bite of pancake.
I hate vanilla.

Iced Chocolate!

Was..... okay. Not exactly thick, just a really basic chocolate milk. Wouldn't recommend you ordering this if you are gonna DIY pancakes. Too sweet, and makes you full really fast! Get some iced tea or something without milk!

Cheeseburger soup

Yes, you read it right. CHEESE BURGER SOUP.
Sounds disgusting, BUT THIS IS ACTUALLY DARN GOOD!! Totally worth the try! The closest description I can give is..... You're drinking lasagna. Omg, I'm drooling already.

Just Look. At. That.
Every scoop gives you a mouthful of heaven. Feels like drinking blended McD cheese bahgah. Nhmmmmm....

&the really salty sauteed mushroom. Don't eat it on it's own, okay. It's meant for you to eat it with your pancakes. Trust me, it burns your tastebuds eating just the mushroom alone.


Tadah!! I finally get to draw my own pancakes!! I was pretty disappointed tho..... Because the batter is extremely watery, so the design don't really stay. It's hard to let the lines stay in shape, and drawing tiny circles is almost impossible.
Save cost lah ah? More milk, lesser powder.. Hahahaha.

Kimmy drew me a BMW logo. I told him, if he ate the Ducati bike I drew for him, he will get a Ducati next time. So he drew me BMW, Imma takeover the entire BMW next time. LOL

He forced the Ducati down because he was so full from the grilled chicken burger he ordered which he briefly mentioned, tasted pretty bad.... I guess we didn't have luck with nice food that day.. Because I actually heard nooks has nice food... But everything I ordered seems a tat bit overpowering in flavors that day.


It may not taste extremely nice, and it is really really pricey. But I have to admit that I actually had fun there, and the cheeseburger soup was heavenly hahahahaha. I finally get to design and cook my own pancakes even though they weren't too colorful. And it was extremely filling, we didn't even finish the pancakes.

2 bottles were actually a lot for 2 people. If you wanna have fun and design more colorful pancakes, you can still order more flavors, but the store will probably be extremely angry with you for wasting the unfinished batter. ^^"

It was raining super heavily that day, so we had to end our day earlier. I didn't get to visit Singapore Quarry.. STILL SUPER SAD ABOUT THAT.
Should really make some time out after submission and visit all these places to chill soon.

Happy Valentine's once again!

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