Klenspop Review: Bunny 3 Color Gray!

by - Tuesday, September 01, 2015

Alohaaaaa, I'm back with a monthly lens review!! I've gotten another lovely pair of grey lens from Klenspop again. It is a different color from the same series I first gotten back in May, the Bunny 3 Color series!!

People been asking me whether is it safe to wear lenses you buy off websites, or from overseas... Because it is not HSA approved or whatsoever, to be honest, everything is at your own risk. We have people getting infection from HSA approved lenses in Singapore as well. The moment you are putting something foreign into your eyes, you are exposing yourself to the dangers of an infection! But of course, I can assure you Klenspop is ultimately safe, they go through tests and has license in many different countries. They are also a leading Korea-based company that carries many different Circle and Cosmetic lenses!

The lenses comes in bottle like these, properly sealed and packed in boxes with a lens tweezer, and lens case.

The first pair I received from Klenspop is the 14.5MM brown color of this same series. I remembered how Kimmy mentioned it look extremely natural, and that it was really beautiful. Amazingly, when I showed Kimmy this photo of the Bunny 3 Color Grey, he said the same thing too! I didn't even tell him it was from the same series!

The lenses are really softtttttt, and comfortable. It is pretty sheer though. It looks less obvious indoors unless you have bright lights shining on you.

Good thing about soft lens is that, they do not dry up easily. Which is also why it felt extremely comfortable, like it isn't even there! I tend to forget that I have my lenses on and just head to the showers without taking them off.... A really bad habit that I need to kick.

Also, because it isn't dry-dry-dry, the lens gives off a bling, bling look when you wear it. It gives off the teary eye effect, (some call it the puppy eyes), which makes you look really cute!!

Undoubtedly suits the mysterious look at well, since it's grey. I mean, look at HyunA?! Gosh, she rocks dem grey lenses like a queen.

The Bunny 3 Color Grey lens is going at $9.50 now. While stock lasts! The shipping takes approx. 1 week directly from Korea, and the package is well wrapped with bubble wrap, you don't have to worry about it being broken or anything.

They have many other lenses going on sale right now as well, do check them out!

You know you have to definitely get it when the boyfriend approves. Hehehehehe.
Stay tune for my next review soon!

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