It's been a while.

by - Saturday, September 12, 2015

11 days since my last blog post. I've been pretty preoccupied with sleep and life to be blogging these days.. You can say I am too tired of trying to keep up with the internet life. I genuinely feel I need a break from UV generating pixels sometimes. Or maybe I am just too bored of social media since I have it as a job. Everyone wants to get away from their job during their free time, don't they?

Truth be told, I am not exactly enjoying what I am doing now. Yes, I love school. I have one of the few best modules ever existed. Scripting, designing, watching movies, writing essays.... To be honest, I really enjoy them. Because I have the freedom to write and design whatever I want.
As for my job, I am restricted every time, otherwise I am demanded to do things out of contract. Friends tell me to just suck it up since I am paid to do it. So I guess it's fine even if content are false right? Who knows I might even get into trouble for writing on my own blog,

I don't know anymore to be honest. It made me hate blogging and writing altogether, I just feel the need to escape from virtual life every damned day. Well, who likes to act like someone they're not? With that said, who likes reading a blog full of ads? That is probably why I'm losing readers, my blog is made up of 70% advertorials now... Hey, hey, I'm trying to mend things up already ok. Don't we have a casual post here today? :3

Anyway, just a quick update on what I've been up to.

Had a quick filming session with Tiff last Sunday for a short film. What are you saying why wasn't I at COMEX? Don't you know you have to pay me for appearance?

And then I also met up with the girls the day before for dinner. We wanted to bring Jerlinda out for food before she gives birth, hahaha.

It was initially dated 16 Sep for baby Emerald to come, but he came out just 4 days after we went for dinner?! That's a full week earlier! And yes, so I visited Jerlinda at KKH as well....

Was supposed to visit Jer @ her place after voting yesterday, but I was coughing like mad? No go near a baby when chu are sick...
Oh speaking of which.... Last but not least, the super intense and electrifying General Election. Oh hey, I'm a virgin voter,

Yea, all that hype, I know, right? Watching teenagers and young adults in their mid-20s whining about hiking GST, FT and the 6.9million population after PAP won. ARE YOU EVEN PAYING INCOME TAXES TO BE WHINING?! But you know what? If you don't like it here, then get the hell out of Singapore! The money isn't gonna drop from the sky for you. Regardless the hike in fares or whatsoever, you are STILL gonna work your ass off for a house, a car, and all that hipster cafes you wanna hop. It is not the government's job to spoon-feed you until you get your own house, own car, and hop all the hipster cafes in the entire Singapore.

Also, don't complain that there isn't jobs available. You young punks just chose not to take up jobs that pays low, and works hard. There are plenty of jobs all over Singapore as long as you are willing to do it. Check out Stroff, Gumtree, Jobcentral. PLENTY, ok?

Don't push the blame to the citizens for PAP's victory. People are just smart enough, not cowardly, to vote the right people to handle their consituency. If the opposition at their consituency suck, why would they risk their lives living there to let them win? No way in hell would I vote for the opposition if I am living in Tampines man.... Dude can't even speak proper English.

If you are talking about changing the education system, eliminating the elitism in our society, then fine. That I can't deny is just fucked up. But you are just hopping onto the bandwagon and whining about increasing GST, COE, minimum CPF balance on Facebook just to gain "LIKE"s? Especially status updates like, "You chose it, don't complain."
Do you even know how policies are being implemented in the first place?
I believe many people are happy with the housing estate they are living in right now, and voted for what does best for them.

I just feel that's what life is. You are supposed to work hard to live. Not waiting for the sky to drop you free credits to redeem a house, a car, or 10 million dollars in your bank. You have to work for it regardless what the policies are. You will probably complain about the 3% GST in the past anyway with that kind of attitude,

Just my 2 cents. No hate, hahahaha.

That's it for my Saturday. Somehow feels like a Sunday, how the hell did I end up with no plans on a Saturday?

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