PokeMMO with me!

by - Friday, August 28, 2015

Remember this?

Yes! It's Pokemon!!!

Many of you asked me where did I download this after I uploaded a video of the game on my Snapchat.... I was equally curious as well when I first saw Jasmine posting screenshots of it on Twitter!! So I've decided to share the game and download links here, it will make it easier for all of you to access than me replying a whole chunk of message on Snapchat,

I am actually playing PokeMMO on this client, hosted by PokeMMO.eu. This version of Pokemon allows you to communicate with players online, as well as do trading. Like shouting out to sell pokemons you catch to earn $$, or trade with each other to help fill up Pokedex. You can even duel your friends, check out their pokemon and go hunting with them! Pretty dang cool. The server runs in LIVE time, so everyone will be in the same timezone, same server whenever you're logged in!

They also have 8 channels. In case you feel Channel 1 or 2 is too noisy, you can always head over to other channels with your buddies without any interference. It is like playing MapleStory, but you are catching Pokemon! It is the legit PokeMMORPG that we have always dreamt of!! WOOHOOOOOO.

I know.... I am a bit slow. :(
The PokeMMO actually came out back in the 2012, yes, yes..... quite a while back.

I actually heard of this way before, but didn't download because my ex-boyfriend thinks it is stupid to play game. And he is one sour grape that can't stand the fact I am always better than him with games. BUT ANYWAY. That doesn't matter.

Named my rival Fetfud, because being FAT and constantly needing FOOD is my nemesis. LOL

My IGN is AisuKyandii, you can add me up in your buddy list after you start playing hahahahaha. Please trade Pokemons with me because I iz nub and I haz no idea how to clear the 3rd gym. I needz helpz, :(

The entire game sequence is pretty much the same, except that you are able to hunt along with your friends online now. And do LIVE chats as well. I wish they would implement a buddy chat system, then we can do group chat. Much better isn't it!!

Anyway, here is where you can download the clients:

Windows and Linux users: PokeMMO
Mac users: You can follow this guide in downloading the game client!

You will need compatible ROMs in order to run the game. The website will not provide you any ROMs as it is copyrighted, so you will have to search for it yourself. Just download either of these Pokemon version's ROM, and drop them into the "/roms/" folder to launch the game!

Required Compatible ROMS: Fire Red (EN/FR/ES/DE/IT)
Optional Content Compatible ROMS: Emerald (EN/FR/ES/DE/IT)
Optional Visuals Compatible ROMS: HeartGold, SoulSilver (I am still unable to find compatible ROMs for this, do share with me if you have it!)

Updated: HeartGold, SoulSilver ROM!

Once you've dropped the relevant ROMs into the /rom folder, you can now click on the PokeMMO.exe client to launch the game! Don't forget to register for an account here to log in.

Your game play will be saved in their server, so don't have to worry about losing any data. With that said, they only have 1 Mewtwo in game, which players have to fight for. You will have to battle each other in order to gain ownership of the legendary pokemon! Shitty but that adds up to the challenge doesn't it? Hahahhahahaha

Alright! Can't wait to see you guys in-game.

Join me up soonn and add me @ AisuKyandii!!!!

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