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by - Tuesday, August 25, 2015

Warning: The following activity can be highly addictive.

Wallah people. I'm sure many of you should know by now I am a crazy "otaku". I love anime, and I love my mangas. I am a total fan of nendoroids and figurines and I used to have plenty at home before I shifted house. (My room is too small for those display cabinets now.) I still do have my mangas at home though. Yes, I buy comics and mangas too! A bit siao, I know.

But with the advancement of technology and all, buying actual comic books is no longer the IN thing anymore. Even comics connection is closing down one by one...... WHY!!!
So I actually bought a manga-reading application back in 2011 when iPhone first came along, hehe. I've been using it till now because I paid for it lah, wahlau. :( I know there are better apps out there now for manga reading...... #cries

So for those of you who have no idea where to stream or read good manga, you can check out these few websites:


These are the few main sites I always visit to check for updates and good quality scans. Some website gets their update slower than the other, so I will hop around to check for the latest release on different sites, hahahahaha.

As for the applications, I am currently using this 2 apps:

Manga BDR (I paid $3 for this!!!!)

You can download your favorite mangas and store it in this application, so you don't exceed your data reading streaming online using 4G. But they are unable to update the manga after downloading anymore, which totally suck now, because they are still unable to rectify the issue of not being able to stream mangas off mobile sites, and now most websites have mobile sites already. So you have to manually switch the mobile site to desktop site, and then redownload the entire series everytime they release a new chapter.


This application streams LIVE from the website itself, so you don't have to download or anything, unlike Manga BDR... But this saps your data like hell. So this app would be a better choice for bed time story, hahaha.

Anyway, here are 9 of my MUST-READs if you are new to this whole manga thing.


#9 Parastye

Alright, let's start with some really cliche stuff...

One day, aliens known as parasites took over the world. They took over human brains by entering their ears or nose and tried to live as a normal human while attempting to overturn the human race on Earth.

But one parasite failed to take over the brain of Shinichi (a human host he found) because he was wearing earphones. The parasite ended up burrowing into Shinichi's body through his right hand.

With Shinichi still having a mind of his own, would he co-exist with the parasite or try his best to get rid of the parasite? Pretty dang gore to be honest. They even have a movie for this, released just recently!! But this manga is soooooo intriguing, I couldn't stop reading after I finished the first chapter!! So I ended up staying up the entire night to finish up the whole series. 8)

#8 Fairy Tail

Ranked at number 8 is Fairy Tail. It used to be my second favorite manga after Naruto until it started getting extremely draggy and was filled with chapters and chapters of fillers...

Fairy Tail feels like a MMORPG game turned into a comic series with the story revolving around the people in the guild, Fairy Tail. Natsu Dragneel and his friends went on different journeys to save their guild and the town they resided in, but most importantly, Natsu wanted to find the lost dragon who brought him up as a kid.

#7 Bleach

Bleach never fail to fall out of my top 3 must-read list in the past. Following the human-turned-Shinigami, Kurosaki Ichigo, was one of my favourite past time. However, I gradually stopped following the series because I stupidly watched their alternate ending on the Anime version (Anime and manga is slightly different!).

The premature ending of Bleach on the Anime series killed my interest in this story altogether. I would honestly recommend you to read it first before watching. The last episode really suck.

His final form is REALLY kickass.

#6 Nisekoi

What happens when you and your future spouse are both born in the family of famous Yakuzas?

Nisekoi follows the journey of high school students, Ichijo Raku, (the son of the leader in the Yakuza faction, Shuei-Gumi), and Kirisaki Chitoge, (daughter of a boss in the rival gang, Beehive) who unexpectedly got match-make to marry each other to settle the feud between the two rivalry gangs.

I first got hooked onto this series when Raku lost his locket which was given to him by his childhood sweetheart after getting kneed by Chitoge in the face when they first met. It was interesting because before they were set to be a couple by their parents, Raku and Chitoge haven't been on very good terms. They disliked each other to the core, but they had to stick together for 3 years to resolve the feud between the two gangs.

I believe Raku will ultimately fall for Chitoge. Actually, I think he already did!!

I stopped reading because this boy has wayyyyyyyy too many girls. Reminds me of the cheating ex, ugh.

#5 Kuroko no Basuke

Remember the times when everyone was going crazy over MVP Lovers by 5566?

Kuroko no Basuke is a similar basketball themed manga, but it has more basketball element to it than love. It tells you about the brotherhood and rivalry between the 5 star players from the same team, after getting separated into 5 different high schools.

The star team had a mysterious 6th player, Kuroko, that nobody really knew because of his lack of presence. He used to play for an unknown, small little team in Seirin High School.

With his new partner, Kagami Taiga, they aim to be Japan's number one high school basketball team by taking down Kuroko's past team members one by one.

#4 Tokyo Ghoul

This makes me cry. The ending for the first season was so sad. I wish they made Kaneki come back in Season 2, but until now there is still no news.

I got hooked onto Tokyo Ghoul one day after a trial reading of the first 3 chapters. Tokyo Ghoul was much more than just another human-looking-monsters-feeding-off-humans story. They have extremely detailed illustrations and their characters are so well designed, I can't help but to complete the series.

Kaneki was a poor boy who got targeted by a ghoul to be her dinner, but the ghoul was killed suddenly when she was eating him, Kaneki was saved by a doctor who transplanted the ghoul's organs into his body. There were consequences though, Kaneki could no longer be a human.

That thought is pretty scary because a ghoul cannot eat human food, it drains them of their power and the food will taste horrible. I love my pancakes and nasi bryani and I can't imagine not being able to taste them anymore, T_T.

#3 Claymore

I'm sorry that I seem to be a fan of ultra gore stuff haha.

Claymore is a really good manga and I wouldn't want to miss it. I kept re-reading it over and over again because it was so good, and the characters look so fantastic and they have an awesome story line as well.

Claymore is yet another human-turned-monster story, but these bunch of Claymore existed to save the humans from Yoma(monsters).

Clare was the weakest Claymore in history because she was a half-breed. She took the head of her Claymore-saviour to the organisation to turn herself from a human to a Claymore for revenge. In reality, she was the one with the most power. She was the potential Claymore that could slay the awakened beings (uncontrolled Claymores who lost control of their yoma powers).

#2 Naruto

This is the second all time favorite manga I've read.

I lasted through the period where they took 2 weeks to release the chapters, and then to illustrator/author, Masashi Kishimoto, having his office destroyed during the 2011 Tsunami, resulting in an almost 2 months delay.

Naruto was the best selling manga in the entire history. Who knew following a rebellious ninja's journey to being a Hokage could be so interesting!

Not forgetting his undying faith in a friend who betrayed his hometown, Konoha, Naruto persevered through all the hardships, and even overcame a death penalty to finally become the Hokage of Konoha.

Naruto's spirit is worth looking up to. That's the reason why I lasted through these years of waiting to finally read the last chapter of Naruto.

#1 One Piece

This is my favourite manga since I was 8, and it still is now that I am 23.

I remembered Kids Central used to air One Piece back in the 2000s, and I would always hog the seat right in front of my TV, just 2 metres away and sang along with the One Piece theme song.

One Piece was the first anime I had ever watched. I would list Dragonball as the first but I am not a fan of Dragonball, LOL.

I actually wanted to list 10 of my favorite mangas because 10 seems to be a nicer number, but then my favorite number is 9 and I honestly can't think of a 10th manga that I usually read and is not NSFW :X So yup! This is a list of my recommendation, I hope you enjoy reading this awfully lengthy post of mine, hahahahaha.

Do share with me your favorites as well! It's time I update my manga library, XD

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