ViewQwest Couch Potato Week 1: New Fibernet

by - Wednesday, March 04, 2015

This is a post for ViewQwest Couch Potato contest!

Lalalalalalala, hello.

Words can never explain how happy I felt for the past few days. At least this is the only thing that makes me happy now. I have FINALLY gotten myself a new internet, which is the ViewQwest ISP fiber broadband, and my life changed ever since.

I had quite a number of insane submission for the past few days, so there were a lot of video editings and filming going on. Especially filming of extra footage, and then transferring from phone to the laptop in full resolution without having to use the cables and then extract this and that.

So usually, what I do is upload directly straight to DropBox through my phone, and then download it from my laptop, vice versa. Yep, I do the same for my photos, that's why Instagram photos all in HD quality, BAHAHAHAHAHA.

But you know the ultimate difference this time? I saved so much time, and I could finish up my work almost immediately with zero waiting time. THIS MEANS MORE SLEEP. Why? Because the files travel at the speed of light, fuuuuuuyooooo!

I ain't even joking!
(You know Vivian don't lie, xP)

Uploading 7GB worth of files from laptop.

1 day......



with extra file some more -_-


Can you believe this? It is 24x faster. You could save one whole freaking day!! It is like waiting time didn't even exist. Best part, it only gets faster, and not jam half way through. It makes me exceptionally happy because my days haven't been going too well, and I wouldn't want horrible waiting time to make me even more piss off.

And then I uploaded a video to YouTube........ Because I didn't "Forget Network" so every time I turn on my laptop, it jumps back to that stupid UNTITLED network.

Uploading a 2.75GB video file to YouTube takes 16minutes........ (Haven't include the time when it gets stuck due to bad network......)

5 minutes with 5% already uploaded?!

SEE! I told you I wasn't joking!!!! Okay la, I admit. I had my doubts before using ViewQwest personally. I mean, who doesn't complain about bad internet that dies all the time?! Freaking useless BlinkHub never fails to dc(disconnect) on me every time I try to upload files to portals. And it gets especially bothersome if I am actually rushing an edit and I needed important clips from my mates. HORRIBLE.

So every time I complain, my buddy would tell me to just grab ViewQwest. It is awesome, so and so, and yadah yadah. You know, the kind where they boast how otherworldly awesome their 1Gbps fiber broadband is. Fact: 1Gbps is FAST.
Of course I was skeptical. Lol .. Okay now I am terribly sorry. All hail my new 1Gbps fiber broadband, please.

Can't wait for holidays to come. Then I can game and try how smooth it gets, meeehehehehehhe.

Btw, here's the video in case you are curious haha. Nothing impressive though, don't judge. :(

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