Speck of dust.

by - Wednesday, March 11, 2015

Arsonists of life and death,
Turning corpses into flaky ash.
Deceased never gets to try,
Remember one day you will die.

Harrow people. Lately I have been extremely busy, once again. And fell extremely sick, yes again. I broke my fever record of 38.4℃ just today with a 41.4℃. What the flying fuck.

But don't worry, I am okay. I probably burnt some brain cells and lost some memory and knowledge, but doesn't change the fact I am still super lame and dorky. That's fine, that's fine. I am still dealing with throbbing headaches which wouldn't go away even after taking my pain killers regularly. Not sure if I am really ill, or is it just all psychological because I really hate school.

I haven't been in the best of health and state of mind lately, which is why I had been avoiding people. Sorry about that, I will still ignore until I think I feel better.

Update again soon.. Too groggy now. Bye

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