Food tasting: Cedele @ Raffles Place

by - Sunday, March 01, 2015

A post that came too late.

I could have easily threw this draft away, but I'd have to give the food at Cedele some justice.

Past couple of months was a wreck. I had to sit through so many emotion roller coaster and handle a whole bundle of problematic children who wouldn't cooperate. It was a terrible pain, and not forgetting how sick I fell within this 2 months. It was so bad, I stopped eating entirely for the past 1 week. Surviving only on mineral water.

Then I had a bunch of thoughts which I couldn't expel because they are all way too personal for me to tell anybody. All I could say is that, I've dumped a bunch of history objects into the trash. Yep, that felt good.

Anyway! Throwback to somewhere in..... mid-January(?) I'd say. I brought along my love to try out some fusion cuisine at Raffles City's Cedele. We were there pretty late, but to my surprise, they still served us anyway. O_O

Cedele All Day Dining Restaurant,
Price Range: $20 ~ $50
252 North Bridge Road Raffles City Shopping Centre,
#B1-01, Raffles City, Singapore 179103
6334 4828

Watched too much Korean drama, almost stupidly poured the entire sugar syrup into the lemon tea..... Lucky Ryan stopped me in time, hahahaha.

Ordered one of their signature dish!!
Cedele Fiery Wings!
The super crispy chicken wings are marinated in Cedele's very own Spicy Herbed Dressing before deep frying, and then served with Spicy Lime Sauce. The Lime Sauce tastes a little like thai chili. Ryan loves this!!

And then we ordered a weird fusion pasta, Rose's Chicken Curry Pasta.
Served with a generous amount of Garlic and Shallot flakes, and then there's Toasted Saseme Seeds, A LOT of Corianda leaves and Lime! I personally really love this dish but this is really spicy.
They actually toss the penne with Spicy Tomato-Basil Paste, and then topped it up with Burmese Curry Chicken. The pasta is not so bad, but the Curry Chicken was really fieryyyyy hot! People who are not good with spice can order this for a Spicy Pasta Challenge! Hahahahha.

Me and Ryan actually really like it because we loveeeeee all the spices(Garlic & Shallot, etc), but we couldn't finish it up because it was really too spicy for us to handle. What a pity, :(

Next was the Red Seafood Risotto! Slurrrrrpppppps*
Seafood lovers! You need to try this.

The Risotto was cooked to al dente, so you could feel the crisp in it while chewing. There are Seared White Fish, Prawns and Mussels, mixed with Tomato Basil Arborio Risotto Rice! Good lord, the White Fish was goooodddd. Wish we had more hahahaha.

We thoroughly enjoyed this. We were snatching plates while eating, not even kidding. Hahahahahaha.

Last main course we ordered was the Beef Balsamic Mushrooms!!!!!!
There's BEEF, there's BALSAMIC SAUCE, there's MUSHROOM. This is like the best combination ever. All my favourite stuff in one, how can I miss this? 8D

Grilled Sirloin Beef Stripes cooked to medium done, after that dripped with Balsamic Sauteed Mushroom on top, T_T I'm crying.....

The beef is not too thick, so it is easy to bite. Especially if you eat it with the balsamic sauce.... It's like, nhmmmmmmm...... But if you are not a fan of vinegar, you probably wouldn't like this. :/

Oh they also have a potato patty and salad at the side. This will definitely explode your stomach.

PS; We ordered 3 main courses...... Pigs.


This Salted Caramel Tiramisu is freakishly goooood.

You see... The problem is that, I am not a fan of caramel. But I like Tiramisu. So when I see the word Tiramisu, I just ordered without any second thoughts.

To be extremely honest with you, by the time we ordered this cake, it was almost 10:15PM already. So I was expecting a stone-like, dry and chunky cake rather than fresh and smooth kind yknow... Like the kind you buy at Coffeebean after 7PM, omg gross.

To my surprise, the Salted Caramel Tiramisu is NOT dry at all?! The salted caramel cream was exceptionally smooth and thick, and it goes extremely well with the sponge cake at the bottom. And the normal cream on the outside balanced out everything, making it sweet-salted and you could taste a bit of cocoa-coffee while biting onto the chips that's surrounding it at the base.

I don't know how they did it, but I have to salute the chefs and patissiers of Cedele!

Not forgetting the quiet and cosy environment.

Cedele is now my next favourite dining place after Au Chocolat! But Au Chocolat close down already.... so I think Cedele is now my favourite restaurant, hahahahaha.

Thank you so much, Cedele team for letting me dine at your restaurant! The food was undoubtedly awesome, and I will definitely pop by for more next time.

See, I'm craving for Salted Caramel Tiramisu now, :(

Ending the post with my happy boy, ^3^ ❤ I just love to see you smile.

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