JD's special day.

by - Sunday, March 22, 2015

So much had happened in the past 2 days. I am super drained out and exhausted, but it's okay because it was definitely one of the best days of my life so far. Filled with tears and smiles, both painful and sweet at the same time. I would have probably enjoyed myself better if I am able to share this happiness with someone which I initially thought I would.

When Jerlinda first asked me to be one of her "sisters"(bridesmaid), I was ecstatic. I thought of all the nice dresses I get to wear, and all the weird stuff we get to do to the groom's best men. It's an indescribable feeling, but as days passed, some things changed, these feelings too slowly faded into bittersweet excitement. It was hard to break it to the girls that I am going through a hard time now. It was even harder to give my blessings when I am handling a heartbreak that doesn't seem to heal.

I was nonetheless happy though. You know the kind of happiness, with slight tinge of heartbreak.... where you smile until you are gonna cry. There were so many times my tears wanted to escape my eyes. It was really hard to hold back, so I ended up breaking down after I left the dinner venue while going home.

It's been tough and tiring, but we had fun throughout the entire event. We went to E-club on Hen Night and I drank so much, I was like a crazy high bitch. Then we went back to Jerlinda's place to prepare the stuff for gate crash and had only 2 hours of sleep. I wasn't much of a help to be honest. Being such an emotional wreck, I guess people just want me to stay out of things that might trigger my spoilt tap. But the girls were still really nice even though I am such a pain in the ass, hahaha.

Got up @ 5:30AM to get prepared. Poor Jerlinda didn't get to sleep at all. Still fabulous as ever, regardless.

A shot before getting busy with the day.

Bride of the day.
Look how gorgeous she is.

One of the most touching moments where I almost cried. The tears were already swirling within my eyes waiting to drop.

Mandatory selfies with the bride.

Dickson & Jerlinda!

Thank you so much for having me as one of your sisters. Even though we met not too long ago, I am glad we were able to become such good friends in this competitive and messy industry. And thank you for tolerating my temper lately, I know I have been pretty hard to handle.

It takes a lot of courage to give your entire life to someone. It is never easy to maintain a relationship, let alone a marriage. I am glad you found a guy who is reliable enough to promise you the world. Always remember, no matter how big an argument or problem, separation is never a solution.

Me and the rest of the sisters will always be here if you ever need us, okay? Have a blissful marriage, we love you.

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