ViewQwest Couch Potato Week 3: Mobile Gaming

by - Thursday, March 19, 2015

So last week, a friend told me, "EH VIV, YOU GROW FATTER IS IT."

Wahlao, so sexy.

Yes, yes. I did okay. I did. ): I can explain........

People who know me should probably know this. I game a lot. Mobile games especially ever since I switched to Mac. And it gets pretty annoying. When Ryan first met me he used to say I chose games over him all the time because I simply can't leave my phone alone. Whatever new games there is in the App Store, you name it, I got it. Whether it's fun or not, I would just download and try regardless, and then delete after that hahaha.

Out of so many, there is only a couple that stayed in my phone though. Like .....

- Brave Frontier
- Summoner's War
- Some Com2Us games that I stopped playing a couple of months back.

In the past, I have a habit of working out when I am gaming since I have SO MUCH TIME to spare because I always get stuck at this screen for more than 5 minutes. Some times it can last for 10?

I'm serious la. I also have a habit of planking while playing my games or reading manga, hahahaha.
It's good okay. At least I don't lie down the entire day doing nothing but game... Then the maggie mee and potato chips don't get stuck in my system hahahahaha.

Right now, things are soooooo different. My game practically loads like this.......


There is barely any lag time for me to do anything else. I get so carried away sometime, I can go on stuck on this app for hours like the energy won't run out one. Let alone say spare time to do my sit-ups and planks.
All my maggie mee, gabugabu and potato chips gets stuck in my tumtum and thighs man.
It's sad that I had outgrew my pants and all, but it's okay. I am on my way to attain the TOP COUCH POTATO position, HIAKHIAKHIAKHIAKKKKKK.

I know you guys still love me when I'm fat right. Right? XD

P/S ; Have you heard?

The ViewQwest 2Gbps Fibernet

broadband is now available!!!

New subscribers to ViewQwest can now sign up @ IT Show 2015 and enjoy exclusive promotions!
More info soon.... (:

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  1. Do you notice any difference in speed when others in your family is logged into the home WiFi network at the same time?

    -Scott (Edelman for ViewQwest)

  2. Hey Scott!

    Not at all to be honest. The wifi is connected to 5 different mobile devices, 3 laptops and the ViewQwest TV at the same time.
    Even after having these much devices sapping the network, it is still working fine and smooth without any problem!

    Which is good because I could do so much without worrying about lags and disconnections.


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