A drunk post.

by - Thursday, March 26, 2015

I like things simple.

I like my life to be simple.
I like waking up to a pleasant and calmed mind.
I like walking into my kitchen, turn on my bath heater, and grab a glass of milk and sit down to chill while waiting for the water to heat up.
I like not having to fret about any problems or assignments and just do it because I secretly know it is within my ability. I like falling down and getting up again without feeling any pain.

I like accepting everything as it is because it will only complicate things to make changes.
I like having simple conversations that doesn't lead to any argument.
I like being able to stare into the sky and watch time pass as the clouds fly by.
I like staying under the stars while feeling the breeze.
I like being in the presence of people I love.
I like to sit aside silently just observing the people I love.

I like my canvas clean, with a white background.
I like my room with just a bed and nothing else.
I like time alone with only me and my gadgets.
I like taking buses without having any idea where it brings me to.
I like smiling at the slightest thing.
I like sitting under the rain, feeling the raindrops bouncing off my skin.
I like taking midnight walks aimlessly until I feel I am tired enough to go home.
I like lying down in my bed doing nothing but staring into space.

I like peace.
I like quietness.
I like silent company.
I like hugs and touch.
I like knowing I always have this sanctuary I can return to whenever I get too tired of doing things that I dislike.
I like being able to eat whatever I want at any point of time.
I like not having to consider too much about anything.
I like dozing off in my kitchen whenever I am chilling with my glass of milk.
I like when my brain cease to function.

I like going out wearing whatever I like.
I like not having to dress to impress.
I like living everyday like it is my last.
I like doing things without much consideration.
I like knowing death is just going into really deep sleep.
I like cuddles on a raining day.
I like deep talks that brings two closer.
I like simple movie dates at home.
I like places with little people.
I like cooking at home.
I like being able to spend just S$10 to make a meal for 4 people.

I like doing my best in everything I do even though I don't get anything in return.
I like making the people I love happy.
I like not sparing much thoughts to "what if".
I like not caring what lies in the future.
I like being able to go for what I want.
I like being able to do whatever I want.
I like to do things that makes me happy.
I like not being bothered by how people look at me.
I like simple "I love you"s.
I like watching him smile.

I like simple things..........

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