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by - Wednesday, December 03, 2014

Sorry this took a while! I was waiting for the right time to have this post up, hahahaha.

It's December!! Which means it is the month of presents and holidays!!!! Yes yes, Christmas is coming!! Another thing I'm excited about is that I can eat tangyuan soon, (LOL sorry I know there's no link!!)

Anyway! In this month of giving, I have some really cool stuff for you! But before that, let me do a short introduction about what I'm gonna show you guys today.

Last week, I had a parcel knocking on my door. It was a surprise from SuperStore Singapore!!

Actually I've been expecting this for a while now, but I was told to be surprised with what I will be receiving. Because...... SuperStore Singapore specialises in customised stuff! In other words, I have no idea what kind of designs I will be receiving!

Super Store Singapore started in 2012 selling only customised badges! Right now, they have expanded to 7 different core products and services!

They customised quite a bit of cool shit, tbh. Badges and totebags are really common, but...... CUSTOMISED NOTEBOOKS?!!!!
Can you imagine your face being printed onto a notepad... LOL. Quite narcissistic right. But badges and tote bag isn't any better. Imagine badges filled with my face omg. HAHAHAHHAHAHAHAHA.

So here I go, opening up the parcel!

Still not too bad. I actually heave a sigh of relief upon seeing this. I thought the moment I open up the box I will see my face. (Because I was told there will be a lot of my faces in it, LOL.)

But anyway, that is the A5 booklet! You can customised it with your face if you want, hehehehhe.

Oh, oh! The notebooks!!!!!!

*Drum rolls*........


The print quality is SO GOOD, it looks like some kind of magazine cover print(?!)

I swear this is the perfect gift for couples, hahahaha. Print your couple photos on and make it a love diary.... How sweet right!??!?!??!

*I am still clueless about the bag containing the stuff being one of the products at this point.*

Moving on........

The customised badges!

Magnet badges!!

I would totally print lots and lots of these and stick on a whiteboard. It shall be a new form of polaroid board, hahahahhaha. I mean, don't you think it's cool if you can get instant printed badges like polaroid? But then again, making badges is a lot of work. Trust me, I've done it before the last IT show. Crazy machine requires so much strength to clip the parts together, omg.

Super stronk magnet. Now on my window rail because it's so stronkkkk!

Here are the usual Pin Badges!

Pin here, pin there, pin everywhere. I'm gonna pin it on Ryan so people will know he's mine. MUAHAHAHAHHAHAHA.

Customise your own pin-up badge as a Christmas gift for you friends!! You can design your own images for them, like I did as a door gift for my guests for some event last time!

(Not sure how many of them still keep this tbh)

All these are hand drawn. If you can't draw, I suggest you go digital lah.... At least there's an undo option, :x
After that get SSS to print for you, hahahahaha.

And ...... Keychain Badges!

If you have no idea what to get for gift exchange, get a customised keychain with this image.

I'm just kidding.... That's not a very nice gift.... But you can troll your friends with it ah.... Just don't tell them you learnt it from me. HAHAHHAHAHHAA

And then you have the perfect gift for vain pots......

Mirror Badges

As I've mentioned, if you have no idea what to give for gift exchange, you can always print the above suggested image. XD

These are a few kind of badges they have. They have other types and sizes as well! Like square badges, matt surfaced badges and many many more!! Check out their website to find out more!

Yes..... I finally realised that this is a customised tote bag, and not a company bag they give just to store the products. How blur can I get really.....

They can print up to A4 size, so you can design all you want!

Okay nuff' said. Go prepare all the images you want now, and send in your orders to SuperStore Singapore. You can visit their website to find out more about their prices and delivery modes. Don't forget to drop them a "LIKE" on their Facebook page too!!

Quote "VIV10" for 10% discount off normal orders from now until 15th January 2015!
*NOTE: Cannot be used in conjunction with other promos.

PS ; There's a giveaway going on on my Facebook now! You get to win customised notebook with the photo of your choice!!

There will be 8 winners, so quick participate!! &Good luck! Xoxo

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