Mo-view: O.T Ghost Overtime

by - Tuesday, December 09, 2014

Whaddup. I'm back with yet another movie review! I'm never really a fan of Thai movies, but I realise I've been watching quite a bit of Thai movies lately, /laughs. So much thanks to Clover Films for the tickets once again!
I caught the movie with wussy Yongwei. Yes, he was freaking out as usual, but not as bad as the other time, LOL.
Annoying fact: We sat at the front row again. Pffts.

Today will be a little different.... I am not gonna talk too much about the synopsis! So let's just watch the trailer first. XD

Working overtime in the office all on your own? From this movie, we learnt that you can never be alone. There is always someone watching, regardless where you are.

The movie revolves around a wedding management company crew, who are in charge of a best friend's wedding. Because there isn't any other option, either accept the assignment, or go jobless, the boss decided they should take up the assignment and help their best friends plan their wedding. (Tbh, best friend or not, I can't really tell. You judge!)

Here we have the female protagonist. Crying reeeeeaaaally uglily. /shakeshead.
Okay la, uglily pretty. Hahahahhahaha.

The chiobu's fiancé. Who is pretty cute himself, but has a personality of a bastard(?)

The crew was given 3 days to whip up a proposal for the couple, and because the schedule was super pack, they moved into the designated hotel the very next day. And you know..... As cliche as it sounds, the hotel is obviously haunted. But the question now is, by what? You'd probably want to slap the scriptwriter after watching the movie.

30minutes into the film, you will experience all sorts of surprises and dilemma. Also get quite blur the moment all the secrets are revealed. (I AM TRYING SUPER DUPER HARD NOT TO REVEAL ANY SPOILER!!)
But because the movie is so mind boggling, it gets really really hard to understand at some point. You will be wondering if whatever happening is real or not half the time, but fret not everything will be revealed at the end of the movie.

And so the crew went on to planning the wedding. And face tons and tons of problems while getting the banquet ready.
As usual, you have parts that leaves you wondering whatever happened to the cast. My conclusion is, I think they decided to go on a extremely long holiday and not come back to film their roles, thus getting cut off the film abruptly. I am still extremely curious as of what happened to the two girls who got shot in the head. Well, they were not supposed to die, so nobody believe that they were dead. But they were, and there is no news of them after that anymore. Weren't they supposed to join the wandering ghosts!?!?

They are actually quite pretty, hehehe.

You also have an entire group of people missing. They were supposed to be the guests of the couple for the wedding, but somehow they disappeared too...........

Moving on. Apart from the extremely good looking casts, we also have good cinematics. I really like the way the movie was being edited. It really made me piss off at the end because I got fooled. You know, a well edited film never fails to piss you off. But I must say, the filming was a bit too shaky. It gets a bit hard to watch because it is so shaky and you can't register much of what's going on. It was probably meant to be that way, but I don't really like it tbh.

Script wise is bad. Annoyingly bad. Remember I mentioned the part where 2 casts just went missing after that? It might be too much of a hassle to give them a closure, but I still feel it would be good if they had some screen time to say good bye to the audience.
And we also have a plot where it makes the audience go in rounds, making you wonder what exactly is real.
Then again, it may actually be interesting because it makes your mind think.

Overall I would give the movie a 6/10.
Scare level: 2/10

Despite it being something that is totally off my list because I really hate people pulling pranks on me!!! Ah, shit. I let it out. Spoiler alert, fellas.
In my opinion, I think it is a movie where you should watch with a group of friends. DO NOT BRING YOUR GIRLFRIEND TO WATCH. Trust me, you wouldn't want to.. Really.

I'm just glad Ryan suddenly had work cropped up so he didn't have to watch it with me. Otherwise I would have suffered for the next few days after watching the movie. And thankful enough! It wasn't scary enough for Yongwei to jump. Hahahahahahahaha!

O.T Ghost Overtime will be in cinemas from 11 December 2014 on!
Catch O.T Ghost Overtime @ Golden Village Plaza/Suntec/Tampines/Tiong Bahru/Vivocity/Yishun and Filmgarde Bugis+ now!

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