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You must be wondering what ‘Wonga’ is, and why I sound so excited. Actually, a few days back, I was invited to a card game preview session with the TIN crew and bloggers at Cafe Pal. I was introduced to a really fun-loving guy called Xeo, who is the designer/founder of the game we played.


Designed by independent studio Capital Gains LLP, Wongamania is the first financial edu-tainment card game in the world, that is modelled after modern economics.

"Wonga" is actually a British-slang for "Money". Moneymania sounds very MEH, don't you think? So.... WONGAMANIA!

PLAYERS: 2 - 6
AGE: 8+ &UP

"You are bestowed the power to manipulate the economy! Be SNEAKY, be SMART, be DARING and outsmart your opponents by being richer than them. Be a friend or be a foe, you have the final say. Your fate shall lies in your own hands....

WONGAMANIA is a fast paced card game that captures the exhilarating experience of the financial markets....with no time wasted on boring numbers! Learn about multiple economic scenarios in the shortest time possible, and be prepared to experience the anxiety of being betrayed by financial uncertainties!

Challenge your friends, and discover your financial potential!

Before I even tried this game, I am going to be very honest here… I suck at numbers. My first impression of this game, when Xeo said it's all about finance, was instant turn off. I am never good with money and am absolutely bad with counting...... (I have once played blackjack with Ryan's family and lost miserably, because I couldn't count.) Which clearly is the reason why I have no savings at all. I mean, I don't even have a decent paying job right now(?!) T.T

But there is just this something that attracts me to Wongamania. I'm telling you, you'll be addicted to this game. Like TOTALLY.

Wongamania is an ultimate duplicate of modern economics. Through this game, you'll be able to understand more about the economy, financial crisis, and learn about investment! It bombards you with multiple economic scenarios and allows you to deal with it with whatever cards (literally) destiny deals you. You must be thinking, "Chey, so easy. After a few rounds sure bored one."

Fret not because Wongamania comes with 143 different cards, with 53 uniquely designed artwork and interactive content! So each and every round is different! In Wongamania, you will deal with various financial crises such as recession. There will be cards that make you fall, but there will also be cards that will save you from financial crisis. But ultimately, it's all about how you use your cards to save yourself from going bankrupt. Which could be really essential because the situations surfaced in Wongamania are actually situations reflected in the modern economy.

One wrong move can make you a Wrongamaniac. You want to thrive and be the WONGAmaniac, not wronga- ok. :x

There are actually 4 different Economic Cycles: Recovery, Growth, Stagnant, Recession
Everyone knows what Recession is right? I can't believe our game actually fell into the recession column 5 times!! That made the entire game extremely hard to play. Because during a recession, everyone loses money...... T_T

Focus.... Focus.....
Thinking super hard so I don't lose money... AGAIN LOL.

Just one really simple session, and I actually learnt so much about savings and investment! I actually almost went bankrupt close to the beginning of the game, due to my horrible financial control. But as we play and slowly progress through the game, Xeo explained to us how it works and how we can deal with such situations: like facing recession and being unable to pay up for our debts and etc... From there, I slowly understand the whole concept and worked my way to safeguard myself from going bankrupt. LOL

To win the game, you have to collect 3 Trust Fund cards. Collecting 8 cards in your Bank allows you to exchange for 1 Trust Fund! So you will have to keep saving money to win the game!

Crane was ultimately the winner, and she also taught me a lot about investing! I'm so glad I was sitting next to her, hahahahahaha.

Dying for a rematch with the bunch. Must make HP bankrupt!!


We agreed to a rematch some time soon, hahahaha. Can't wait!
This is a game where you really need to play to understand. It's hard for me to explain how to play without showing you guys how it works!

The main edition of Wongamania is expected to be officially on sale from 7th December 2014 onwards. The expected retail price for Wongamania main edition is SGD$38.

You can also purchase a ticket to attend one of their game session and have a go at Wongamania!

For more information on Wongamania and where to get your own set of Wongamania, visit their website! Pre-order and purchase are available on the website!

Time for new CNY games!!
Join me and Wongamania!!

So happy to meet familiar faces; Joey, Tehpeng, and Tselyn!! Not forgetting the newfound win, Vivian Jr. XD

Tehpeng, and Joey!


Vivian Jr. XD

Damien Tehpeng!!

Founder Xeo Lye!!

Wongmania brings people together and makes you more intelligent. Hahahahaha!!
It's a happy day. x)

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