Hair abuse, once again.

by - Sunday, October 19, 2014

Remember I went blonde about 2 months ago? I really really love that orangey blonde now that it has faded off to yellowish dirty blonde. It's honestly disgusting and obviously isn't something I would want on my head for long, hahaha.

So last week, I dropped by Naoki Yoshihara by Ash again, to have my roots and blonde head touched up.

Wazzup yo. This is me after a long day at school. Too tired from waking up early for classes. That bed head.... ~_~

Liang court!

Naoki Yoshihara by Ash is located at Liang Court in case you don't know yet!

He always give me this face whenever I walk into the salon hahahhahaha. Cause 50% of the time I am late for my appointment, hahahahaha :x

But he is extremely efficient! He got to work the moment I got sat down. (Y)

Told Kelvin the colour I want by describing some really weird stuff. I'm amazed he actually understands me every time hahahahaha. While he is preparing, I was camwhoring away hehehhee.

Cause I'm weird like that, HAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHHA

Kenji! He helps wash my hair every time, hahahaha.

Waiting for the dyeeeeee. Got myself some ash-brownish colour. But it's a mixed of 2 different colours, so Im not too sure what head I have on me, LOL.

But the outcome was gooooood! There's a slight red tinge in my brown! Unlike those ultra ashy grey brown colour!

Ryan had his hair cut by Kelvin too!

Looks so much neater after visitting the salon! Good bye bed head. Loving my new colour so much now.
But tbh, I don't expect the colour to stay on for long. Because I don't really have the time to go back for hair treatment, and I don't have time for conditioner at home too. Plus I am not using colour protecting shampoo anymore.... T_T
Having nice hair is a lot of work ok, :(

I hope I'll be able to pamper myself more during my holidays!! COUNTDOWN 4 WEEKS, WEEEEET.

Ending this post with a selfie with Megumi-san!! The really really adorable director stylist of Naoki Yoshihara by Ash!! Ryan's mom loveeeees having her hair handled by Megu-chan!

You can look for her if you want to have your hair cut. She does really good styling too! Just call up Naoki Yoshihara by Ash @ 6333 5662

Liang Court, #02-15/16, 177 River Valley Rd, 179030

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