by - Monday, October 06, 2014

Those whispers at my ears..
Luring me to the unknown space.

With that silence and solitude,
All I could feel was darkness.

I know, I am never gonna get out of this. My fears and cries will never be heard. My emotions and tears will never be seen.
I kept on walking.... Aimlessly walking...... Leaving trails of fiery red droplets.

What's left of me?

I see a black butterfly; calling out to me.
"Follow me", it hinted. Gesturing me with those beautiful enchanting wings.
So helpless, so blinded. I chased after that alluring creature.

I wonder how far did I ran....

We've reached the end. Suddenly the beautiful creature spread its wing. Shadowing every possible light, rising into a majestic cloaked figure.

"I know him. He's here. He's taking me to the other world.", I whispered.

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