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by - Friday, October 03, 2014

When you talk about pampering yourself, the first thing you'll think of is facial, massage, shopping, and lots of good food! So after a good long month of school and dramas, I've finally found some time off for a good pampering session! WOOOHOOOOOOO!!

Last week, I visited My Cozy Room Spa with Pamela unnie! I haven't seen her in a really longgggg while so I am also pretty excited to meet up with her and have some girls time! Pammie was actually invited to an event hosted by Belif and she was allowed to bring along a friend with her, so she brought me! 8D So much love for bringing me along!!

My Cozy Room Spa is an award winning boutique spa located right behind Paragon! Just a really short walk from Paragon's back exit, up that really small hill! The entire place is like a princess' room! It is extremely pretty, and totally lives up to it's name as The Cozy Room! Just stepping into the space makes me feel really relaxed.. I mean, everything is eye pleasing!! The interior, the decorations and the ambience. I shall let the pictures do the talking.

56A Cairnhill Rd, 229667
6732 0030

Need I say more??! Look at that chandelier!!! I'mmmm gonnna swingggggg from the chandelierrrrr, from the chandelierrrr~~~~

We were greeted by the extremely adorable and petite co-founder of My Cozy Room Spa, Celine when we first arrived!! We were then introduced to the Brand Managers of Belif, for a short briefing about the products that we will be using for our facial session!! They even prepared desserts and tea for me and Pammie to enjoy! Everyone was so nice and smiley over there. It really lifted up my mood by just interacting with them!

Super pretty setting, in a super pretty room.... Especially when everything is in European style!!

Pammie unnie! Visit her blog here:

Afterwhich we had short product "lesson" on Belif's #9miraclesofPeat products by the brand managers!! We were told that Belif despite being a Korean brand, they actually use formulas founded from a british herbalist during the 1860s! The brand then improved the formulas into Belif! Which is also why the products are available in Europe region as well!

Photo from

They also explained how the product works on our skin and let us try out the products! Belif is suitable for all skin types because the ingredient used are all natural. So you don't have to worry about not being able to go for facial because of sensitive skin at all!

Belif's Peat Miracle Revital range products!

Fun fact: "Peat is actually an accumulation of partially decayed vegetation that is unique to natural areas called peatlands or mires."

A really cute handmade product catalogue. I REALLY LOVE HANDMADE STUFF!! Especially those with extremely unique designs. XD


Here's an unedited before photo of me. Horrible, horrible skin and eye bags.

Actually, I kind of cheated. Because my camera has beauty mode.... So it made my skin look smooth LOL. If I can look so tired after beauty mode, you can imagine how horrible I look without filter. *facepalm*

Off to the room we go!

The bed is soooooo comfortable......

Somehow feel super bimbotic looking at this photo. Because I'm like one really egg cited bimbo holding onto the products hahahahaha

Now behold of a series of really scary photos.

Step 1: Makeup Removal
Removing all makeup and excess oil/dirt on your face using the Cleansing Gel Oil Enriched! The product contains Olive Oil and Macadamia Oil to remove makeup without irritating your skin.

I personally really love this product. I could feel my pores all cleanse and unclogged after the beautician help me get rid of all the dirt!

Step 2: Cleanse
After that, use the Creamy Cleansing Foam Moist to give your skin a final cleanse! It is formulated with Soapwort which is rich in Vitamin C and Wormwood which helps to remove toxins, leaving your skin feeling fresh and clean! This cleanser is suitable for all skin types.

Step 3: Exfoliation
The Mild and Effective Facial Scrub is a gel exfoliator which will eliminate the dead skin cells, and clear pore impurities.
Look at all the debris on my face! That's how clogged my pores are *omg*
I can also feel the instant radiance after using this!

After cleansing, you have to balance out your skin's pH level with a toner!

Step 4: Tone
The Bergamot Herbal Extract Toner is a watery gel texture enriched with Bergamot Extract, that locks in moisture, purifies and calms the skin! Sage Extract adds radiance to the skin with its powerful anto-ocidant, anti-bacterial and healing properties.

Ps: I need to confess that all these information were referred directly from the product catalogue they gave me, I am not smart enough to remember that much product knowledge in just one day hahahahahaha :X

Here comes the best part!

Step 5: Massage
My beautician is SOOOOOO GOOOODDD I regret not getting her name. After she's finished with all the cleansing, she used the True Facial Oil and gave me a really good face, neck and shoulder massage. And I swear I really needed that. All the stress and workload I've gotten for the past one month was plain insane!!

The True Facial Oil is a concoction of 3 herbal oils and 4 essential oils including, Pomegranate Oil which is a powerful anti-oxidant; Almond Oil, which moisturises and helps to improve skin texture; Calendula Oil to soothe skin; Borage Oil to purify and soften skin and Rosemary Oil that helps to improve blood circulation!

The lady also told me that massaging your face actually helps promote healing! Because it will improve the blood circulation thus helps your skin to heal faster. She also told me that my healing rate is slower than normal people. That's why I have red spots on my cheeks, :(

Photo tagged wrongly, :x It's supposed to be Eye Mask, not eye cream.

Step 6: Eye Mask
First Aid 360 Eye Care Mask will then be massaged onto your eye area, as the powerful herbal ingredients of the Napiers Formula works to reduce dark circles, puffiness and fine lines! Mimosa Herb extract prevents wrinkles and strengthens skin resilience!!

My eyes are really less puffy after using this mask! Not even joking. Belif works miracles, I've finally found my utmost solution to those horrendous dark circles. *tears of joy*

Step 7: Face Mask (Peat Miracle Revital Range)
The Eye Mask and Face Mask goes together. They will first apply the Eye Mask on your face, and then the Face Mask over it!

The Peat Miracle Revital Mask will help to improve your skin's cell regeneration efficiency. The nutrients found in Peat Water, which is the main ingredient of this mask, will help to restore skin turnover rate and prevent irritation! Best part, it helps to tighten sagging pores, keeping your skin young and radiant.


Once the masks are done, she proceeded with the skincare routine!! I am not someone that uses much product on my face. I only have a toner at home and some moisturiser which I use on days where my skin is extremely dry. My beautician was so shocked when she heard it. She told me I should never, never cut short on my skincare routine. Because as we age, our skin will lose it's efficiency! And we will look extremely tired and haggard. Thus skincare routine is extremely important and we should start the moment we enter the big 2. So I guess..... No pain no gain!

Step 8: Eye Cream (Peat Miracle Revital Range)
This Eye Cream helps to promote collagen synthesis!! The Humic Acid and GABA ingredient found in the Peat Extract gives the skin elasticity to reduce fine lines and wrinkles near the delicate eye area!

Step 9: Serum (Peat Miracle Revital Range)
And then you have the Peat Miracle Revital Serum Concentrate! It is applied onto your skin to help your skin absorb nutrients from the other skincare products better! The skin will be immediately smoothened and helps to prevent fine lines and wrinkles!

Step 10: Essence
Here comes the Essence, which is also Belif's star product, Hungarian Water Essence! The Essence will help with your skin hydration level! Once applied onto the skin, your skin hydration level will be increased by 20%, regaining the youth of the Hungarian Queen! 8D

Step 11: Face Cream (Peat Miracle Revital Range)
Last but not least, The Peat Miracle Revital Cream! The concentrated herbal goodness of Finnish Herb Peat Water in the Face Cream helps your skin to restore its skin turnover rhythm, while supplying moisture and nutrition to the skin!!

A photo after the treatment and make up! This time I turned off the beauty mode ok. HAHAHAHA.

With beauty mode, LOL.

My skin felt so much cleaner and radiant after the whole session. And my make up goes on easier too! Unlike the usual time when it becomes so flaky and falls off after a while, :(
My main concern was dull and dry skin. I'm always bothered with how tired I look every time! After the facial, I feel almost instantly refreshed! As if my skin had just reborn hahaha. Maybe because I haven't been to facial before, so I can feel that drastic difference when someone actually helps pamper your skin, XD

And I especially enjoy the massage. It was super shiok!! So shiok I almost fell asleep a couple of times. Which explains why the lack of photos from Step 7 onwards... Hahahahhaa.


The team had given me a lot of love throughout the entire session, so much that it's enough for me to share with all of you!!

A really sweet promotion for all my readers out there!

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It's been a week after the treatment, my skin texture and condition had improved so much! All in just one session. But the best part is how my skin don't look as dull as before. I can now go out without make up at all, and nobody would ask me if I'm sick(Yes I get that a lot.) anymore!

More photos to end the post.

Happy us after the session!

Photo from

I think Pammie actually photoshopped me skinnier. Hahahaha!!

Thank you for reading!

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