Why the Internet is awesome.

by - Monday, September 29, 2014

Lately, I've been rolling around the house a lot. Actually, not just lately. I've been doing this for years now whenever I have a free day off..... I wake up at 2PM everyday, and go to sleep at 6AM every morning. Every single day I would wake up feeling all motivated to do something productive but I usually end up rolling on my bed with my phone. Surfing Facebook for random videos and articles, checking Twitter and read my friend's updates...... After that hop over to Instagram and stalk my usual few drop dead gorgeous muses. Sounds creepy, I know. I actually do that and I ain't gonna lie hahahaha.

And once I am out of things to check out, I'll whip out my laptop, lie down on my bed and start surfing all over again. This time, adding Pinterest to the list.

I would get soooooooo motivated to do something productive every single time I pop by Pinterest. They never fail to have cool DIY/baking/cooking stuff for me to get curious about. I will always always want to try it out on my own. But yknow.... Being a potato, I roll all day, all night, and do nothing but wait for the day a sprout grows out of my head. I'll probably sprout from everywhere too. Horizontally.... diagonally.... everywhere.

So plans dashed as usual after constant surfing and procrastinating. One thing about living in my house: I have an extremely curious family.

The maid and grandma come down to my house(Because grandma lives the next block upstairs) at 6PM every day to chill and watch tv and bring food. So if I ever have to cook or bake, I will have to do it before 6PM, otherwise grandma would nag at me for making my own food again. (Because her food will always end up untouched) But considering I wake up at 2PM, doing something before 6PM is impossible!

And then my curious grandma/maid/mom/dad will start judging me for baking/cooking weird stuff again. And then I will need to explain what the hell exactly am I doing. It is so embarrassing and troublesome I give up.

Well, well ... All is good with the internet anyway. Time flies whenever you get on because it is extremely tough to get off. This is what happens every single time:

Once I'm done on both the laptop and phone with all the social media sites, I'll go back to my phone and start logging in to Summoner's War. Once my energy is drained, I'll hop over to Brave Frontier. And once that energy is drained out, I'll be in Dot Arena. Trust me, by the time I'm done with Dot Arena, my Summoner's War energy would have all been well replenished. X'D

Last but not least, once I'm done with the games, I get on my manga reading app and read manga. That pretty much takes up 5 hours of my life every day before I head to bed. Which pretty much got me thinking how awesome the internet is. I wake up to it everyday, and go to sleep with it everyday.

To be honest, I really cannot imagine a life without internet. All my source of entertainment are embedded on the world wide web. And it pretty much takes up 15 hours of my life a day! That includes shopping online as well. How am I supposed to replace my 15 hours if the internet is gone?! .......... I know I sound like a crazy geek. But you know... you know..... Life is so much better being a couch potato. x)

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