My Friday.

by - Saturday, October 11, 2014

Today is a productive day! I woke up extremely early in hopes that I can attend the writing workshop conducted in school at 10AM. I mean, mom woke me up at 8AM! It doesn't happen often!! But what happened was.. While I was at the train station waiting to activate my new student pass and get my concession refund, I was told I have to wait for 10 days. I dropped my student pass sometime last week and couldn't find it anymore, so I decided to just remake a new one.

Response was extremely quick. Kudos to Transitlink efficiency for once. I applied my card the very night I lose it, which is Saturday and I got it about 2 working days later on Tuesday. How efficient?! But the sad part of it is that, I can only get my refund in cash, and it will only be processed after 10 days. Wtf. Why you do dis.

Anyway. I missed my lesson because I spend 1 hour 30 minutes waiting in queue trying to have my inquiries answered, which is pretty stupid. I could have just called Transitlink instead. I WAS SO LOOKING FORWARD TO CLASS TODAY(?!)

So I got home, and started rotting, and fell back into slumber. Woke up again at about 2-ish. Decided I should pop by BBDC and renew my stupid driving account. I really really really don't feel like getting a license, but I think it is necessary. So I don't spend so much on cab and I can drive mom's car out to get supper next time. HOW CONVENIENT RIGHT?! But tbh, living cost in Singapore is no joke. I might want to think twice about parking outside for supper lol. Instant noodles seems like a cheaper solution?

So I got home at about 5PM after I was done with the renewal. BBDC changed their system again, now I have to renew once a month. Fml. I should have just be a good kid and got my license 4 years ago when I first signed up at 18. Ugh -

Lay down on my bed, whip out my laptop. Did some research on my upcoming assignment on documentary. I honestly don't think I can accomplish this. But I have to do it anyway. Not like I have a choice? Topic's on Singapore's Cosplay industry. I think I practically dug my own grave by choosing this topic. There are so much more interesting stuff I can focus on yet I chose an ultra competitive industry to work on. Smart Vivian, very smart.

But things weren't exactly tough because I actually met some really nice cosplayers while I did the show for AFA last year! And I have a few photographers of my own who actually does cosplay photography. Not forgetting my X-men crew as well? I think I'm a pretty blessed kid. Hahahhaa

Sometimes when I feel extremely down and out, I would think of all the good stuff that I have around me. I am blessed with approachable resources for whatever I do every time. And I cannot deny I really have a couple of friends who truly loves me and dotes on me like a princess. I can never be more thankful for their existence, 8') Even though they are quite clueless about the things I do...... ^^"

And then I cooked dinner for my parents today. It doesn't happen often. Maybe.... 3 times a year thing? You see, I am really really busy, half the time I am not at home. Either that, or my parents won't be at home. Or we don't meet because our timing clashes. That is a pretty sad thing to know, :(

Had our dinz, and I went on continuing with work. Managed to draft out a pretty decent storyboard for my documentary. But not finalise yet. I wish I will be able to film over the weekends next week or the week after. I don't want to be rushing last minute work again. And to make sure this doesn't happen again, I am not working until it's officially holidays.
Time passes so fast!! One month to holidays yknow. ONE FREAKING MONTH!! 8D

And as for some of you who had been leaving questions on asking me what's wrong, why the emo tweets and stuff.....
Actually quite a bit happened over the week. And I was so stressed up I kept having recurring nightmares of this particular psycho I met back in 2011. Its been 3 years, and lately I got more worried because he had been released from the prison. Don't tell me whatsoever Yellow Ribbon bullshit ok. Yellow Ribbon does not work for this psycho, because he's been into prison TWICE. Quite sick. If you're wondering what happened.... I actually wrote a blog post about it some time back. You can have a look here.

Consider a favour done. I let you all laugh at the jokes in my life ok!!

Anyway it's all in the past. I don't deny it still haunts me and it is taking a toll on my relationship with Ryan and also my friends. It is hard for me to trust because after encountering that psycho, my next boyfriend of 2 years weren't any better. Can you imagine how stupid am I? Short 6 months wasn't enough for that psycho to fuck me up.. I decided to give another psycho 2 years of my life to screw me up. I must be mad, and definitely retarded.

It's okay. I believe all will be well as long as I keep on believing. I think living in denial is my way of life.... lol!!

PS; Happy weekend!! I am working. What the hell :(

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  1. I felt sad for your story. The stalker will get what he deserves eventually.

  2. Go to the police and put yourself under restraining order. My aunt has been beaten by her husband and abused. That is what happened.


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