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by - Monday, August 11, 2014

Okay, I really really don't want to talk about this and make people feel like they are super buay paisae but I really cannot stand it anymore. (Then sit down lah?!)

Do you ever have this few particular type of friends that simply love to rip you off every single time? I am not someone that gets annoyed at people easily unless you are extremely noisy and annoying, which explains why you can manage to annoy me. And just so recently, yesterday actually, I have this one particular "friend" tripping me off like some spoilt wires.

So what happen was, most of my friends know, I work for an event compan(ies). And I do quite a bit of PR jobs and event jobs every now and then. I also do retail once in a while, and sales too. So I know quite a bit of people who need part time jobs badly, and I will always refer jobs to them whenever I have friends/bosses looking for part-timers.

Here's the thing. I'm not trying to claim that I am super popular because I have a huge network. But because I have a huge network, I can easily get part-timers for my friends who are in need of workers for their events. And because of that, I often share lots of job opportunities on my Facebook feed, and am able to gain enough viewers and interested people for them.

Just in case some of you do not know.... There are actually recruitment companies that do all these kind of jobs. What they do is that, they recruit people who are constantly looking for part-timers to join them(mostly students), and then accept different kinds of assignments from events companies, after that they will deploy a fixed amount of part-timers from their side over to the events company for their event. So basically, they take a lump sum from the events company, and then they take let's say 30% of that sum, and then pay their part-timers at maybe.... $7/hr?

Yep, that's how recruitment companies work.

So what I am doing for my friends is exactly what people at recruitment companies does. Except that, I do it for free. It makes no difference for my friends. They still get paid, they still keep their jobs. As for me? I get nothing in return for sharing my contacts.

I know, I know. You guys might say Im asking for it. Nobody forced a knife at my throat, threatening me to share or look for workers for them. Which is why I am not complaining about them! I do it out of my own free will because I am grateful to some of these friends since they've helped me when I am low. Which I feel, I shouldn't be a bitch by not sharing my contacts to help them in return since they pulled me out of my shithole.

You see, it's fine if they don't pay me. It's a favour in return since they've helped me before. But there just have to have these few particular one-of-a-kind f*****s, PM-ing me with requests like....

"Hi Vivian. I need 2 interns for my company, thanks!"


"Vivian, I also need part-timers for my upcoming project please include in your status thank you."

Some of them might be slightly nicer.....

"Hello Vivian. I will need some part-timers for COMEX, please help me get a few of your friends to come for interview, thank you.

Do you see the difference? At least there's a please and thank you in his request. BUT, that does not mean I am obliged to help every single one of you!!!


I cannot swear that I can 101% get you enough people to work, but the least I can guarantee if you need part-timers, people from my side are definitely responsible and reliable enough. So what makes you think that, just because you're my Facebook friend, I should be obliged to help with your demands?
You are not even thankful for what people have done for you, and you don't even have the basic manners. What makes you think that I will help you if you don't even show those qualities of a boss/superior? What if I introduce your jobs to my friends, and then you delay their pay. Otherwise you make them do saigang(shit work), and end up getting under-paid? Am I supposed to shoulder YOUR incompetence and have my friends fear all the jobs I might be introducing to them?

I honestly think people need to start understanding that, when you ask for a request, at least show some manners. It's okay if you are some ignorant ingrate, that has no idea how this industry works. At the very least, "Please" and "Thank you" is extremely important. Especially if you are some big bosses of some random companies.

This is what is wrong with the current society. You complain having not enough staff. You complain how the economy isn't benefitting your business. You complain how people are quitting their jobs. But as a boss/superior, have you guys ever tried to understand things from our point of view?

We work for money. So we obviously do not appreciate pay-cuts or pay delays. And we are totally against getting under-paid. Do you know how bad things can get when you delay our pay?

Like let's say, we are earning a 1.5k every month(part-time), pay-out on every 7th of the month. And then you suddenly decide to delay 2 weeks because your girlfriend dumped you and then you have no time to handle the finance department's document. You refuse to sign or clock in at the office to check if every single one of your staff are still alive.

So we could save $500 a month out of that 1.5k, but because of your 2 weeks delay, our $1,000 is well spent thinking we might receive our pay on the 7th, but in fact, the pay is not in, by the 7th we are all dried up. On the 14th, it's still not here, on the 21st, savings had all been used up because no income is coming in.

Do you know our pain?!

Back to the point. As I have explained, nobody likes being under-paid! And you bunch of douchebags are just ripping off my network for free and not paying me for the time I spent on recruiting staff for you. And you don't even say thank you. And you don't even show some appreciation for what I've done for you. AND YOU STILL GOT THE CHEEKS TO COME AND ASK ME AGAIN. Just in case you think I do not know the market or I am some sort of kid that doesn't know the society..... Recruitment drives are actually getting paid $300 ~ $1000 PER ASSIGNMENT depending on what event and how much manpower the company requested.

So why should I even help you when I don't even know you personally, and you are not paying me at all? And that's not all.

You have this one-of-a-kind hybrid ugly people who brings ugliness to a whole new level. You refuse to share for them, they'll do it themselves. They openly post a comment recruiting staff on the same status that you posted for staff recruitment.


So to all these dudes: If your company is really so tight on manpower, why don't you get just your boss to drop me an email, I will send him my resume and ask him to fire you, so that I can have your job. You are working hard to survive in this society, so am I. You need to eat, so do I!
You think I don't have my everyday expenses to pay for? You think my family prints money? You think the gahmen sponsors my daily necessities, transport, food, clothes and books? I don't need to study? I don't need the money to get my props and material?
Please do understand, I AM JUST A TYPICAL TEENAGER, A NORMAL HUMAN LIKE YOU, living in Singapore, earning my own bucks, studying my ass off despite being so stupid, trying to improve my life.

So if you are ever, ever, ever, once again, looking to rip off some random teenagers out there, please just quit your job. You are obviously not doing it right, and not suitable for it.


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