Going blonde.

by - Wednesday, August 13, 2014

Last week I was invited by Naoki Yoshihara by Ash to their new outlet at International Building, Komachi, for a make-over quest for WAttention magazine!! As my title states, you can pretty much expect what's the rest of this post already hahahahhaha.

To be honest, I wasn't expecting it at all. All I was told is that, it will be a photoshoot for WAttention Magazine, and the theme is Vivid. So I'll have to grab myself some vivid colour clothes! And.... so! I bought myself a hot-pink dress, which I probably won't be wearing again. ._." I was also told to be there bare-faced. Because there will be make-up artiste around to do my make-up!! :3

The moment I arrive, Kelvin sat me down to bleach(Which I honestly didn't know.), so the results kind of startled me. I came out from the wash, dried my hair, and I was like, "LOL OMG." To be honest, I am actually really happy. Cause ever since I joined Naoki Yoshihara by Ash, I've been requesting to bleach my hair and go Ash, but I can never because my hair was so badly damaged, bleaching will break my mane apart. So when Kelvin bleached the top layer of my hair, I was superb eggcited. Now I can have crazy colours, and all the colours that I've dreamt to have!!!!!

Anyway, back to the point..... The theme was Vivid Color, which simply means bright colour. So what Kelvin have in mind for my look was ultra bright. After bleaching, I went for the first round of dye-ing. Bright red to the bleached area, and darker red on the second layer. And I swear the results was superb. I had a pretty cool gradient-ed fiery hot head!

But the disappointing part is that, my hair is so thin, the hair dye doesn't really absorb. It turned orange after the first wash, which is quite depressing. :(

After the dye job, I had my make-up done by a really adorable lady, Huiyee, Shiseido Make-up artiste! She's super cute and nice, and super pretty. I really like her make-up style!! I think she is by far the best make-up artiste I've worked with excluding my personal MUA friends. Cannot count my friends in because you know friends always bias and decorate your face nicer one, hahahhahahaha.

But I really have some extremely bad experience with make-up artiste and photographers after being in this industry for a while. Some make-up artiste do not apply the kind of make-up that suits you, which should actually be the way. Instead, they follow the "template" and cake your face into what they learn. Which might not even suit your face shape or style. Which is why I do my own make-up most of the time.

After the hair and stuff are set, we went over to this small little corner where they have all the lightings set up for the shoot. What annoys me the most is that, they only took like .... 3 snaps? And the photographer is super unprofessional!! Instead of trying to make people feel at ease, they demand models to stay still for front shots, and then ask me why am I so stiff after that. What the hell? Didn't you ask me to stay still? What's worst, they weren't clear with their request and the photographer don't even know what she want! Ugh. What a waste of the stylists/MUAs effort. I get why I only work with my personal photographers now.

Iwai-san said I look like Marilyn Monroe!! XD I'll take that as a compliment hahahahha.

With my stylist of the day, Kelvin!! He was the first guy who did my very first make-over with Naoki Yoshihara back in July 2013, XD And has been my favourite stylist ever since!

Taken in school while doing some filming, hahahaha.
I went to school immediately after the shoot. Took me about 6 hours in the salon that day for the entire make-over session, @_@

Nonetheless, it was a good experience. I mean, you don't get to appear on magazines everyday. LOL. Especially when I am such a potato that doesn't fit the print-ad model's bill. I am so glad Naoki Yoshihara by Ash gave me such an opportunity. I love you guys sooooo much, xD

Note to self: Hair treatment soon.

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