What have I been up to?

by - Tuesday, August 05, 2014

So.... What have I been up to lately? Not updating ze blog, and travelogues and all...... Actually, I've been working extremely hard to refill my bank tile because it hit rock bottom after my trip to Japan. I actually really spent every single cent I have in my bank, LOL.

Yea, crazy as it seems..... Hahahhahahaha.

That's something I'll have to change since I am not exactly young anymore. I lived through my past 22 years without any savings at all, and spending every single cents I get from my salary and random bonus payouts here and there. Which obviously isn't a good thing, :/ DO NOT YOLO when it comes to money. It's tough living in Singapore without any dollar on you, I ain't even kidding.

Anyway. Schedule was crazy for the entire July. I work at least 5 days a week, and during the days when I am free, I edit my Japan vlogs and update a couple of travelogue which I believe you've already read, hehehe. If you haven't, you know what to do. *evil grin* Links on your right XD

And school just started today. First day of school was plain crazy. I actually survived!

What the hell is lessons from 10:00AM - 8:00PM?! That's freaking 10 hours(?) I can't count, but I think it's 10...... Too brain fried to calculate.
But thank god the class got split into two. So our timetable kind of shifted for a bit, hehehe. Still retaining the fact we end at 8:00PM though, pffts. But start at 2:00PM lah, (Y) Hahahhahaha

I've also filmed some short YouTube series here and there for the past couple of months. It's finally released after much meetings and filming! I'm extremely thankful to the bunch of awesome cam-crew who made me look so skinny in the video, HAHHAHAHA. #somuchlove

I can cook ok. I always cook my own lunchbox because food at Bugis is way too expensive, and I can cook super nice aglio olio with super chio golden roasted garlic 8D

And umm..... I'm featured in #hougangdrift too..... Hashtag Potato. Just a background extra, LOL.
But I really like the video lah hahahahha.

Here's the 2 vlogs I uploaded a couple of days ago! Pretty poor edit because we didn't have much clips, but aiya for me to recollect me memory. Note: Recently I discovered I have serious STM. Age is catching up....... T_T

Just day 1 and 2 because I still haven't have any time to start editing on day 3. And I am still figuring out some new video editing software I recently downloaded. No idea what the hell it is, but ya.... I think I'll get it soon enough!

Okayyyyyy, it's getting lateeee. I have a photoshoot tomorrow morning. I hope it goes well. OH AND BY THE WAY!!!! I've been trying really hard to cut some kilos. Stop calling me fat potato. I am becoming small potato soon, OK! Ok.

Good night y'all. I'll update sooooonnnnnnn.


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