Busy July.

July 18, 2014

Apologies for the lack of updates. I've been trying extremely hard to keep up with all my Japan travelogues, but my jobs just keep coming in. :(
Even my mom's annoyed at how much I've been working, instead of helping out at the family store.

But it's okay, 2 more weeks and I'll be off from work!! But what awaits after July is even worse, lol. T_T
School is reopening, and I will have to help out with school's orientation. On the bright side, this year's orientation will be at Sentosa and Pulau Ubin! To be honest I am actually quite excited about it hahahhaha!

Anyway, some casual photo updates.

We went Din Tai Fung for XLB today 8D

Went over to Starbucks after that for a free complimentary drink, hehehe.

Another long day of work tomorrow. The last F&N roadshow until the next one about a week later!! I've been promoting F&N Season's Passionfruit Green Tea so much these days, it scares me by just hearing the name of the drink. #omg
I think I will avoid sugar drinks for the next couple of months, LOL.

Alright I've got to sleep now! Promise I will update soon. Most probably on Saturday, hehehehe.

Here's another shot of my hunsum bay bay. ;)

Good night!

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