Day 8: Cruise to Odaiba!

by - Friday, June 27, 2014

YESSSSS. We managed to wake up at 10AM!!!! XD

One of the ultra rare days where we managed to get up early. Can you believe it?! 10AM in Japan is like 9AM in Singapore! And I am usually still dead in bed at 9AM, #omg #shameless hahahahhaa

Lucky us managed to get one of the few earliest cruise over to Odaiba. Which means we would have more time to look-see around Odaiba area! Woooo heeee! xD

We were quite surprised by the information provided to us at the cruise center though. Initially, we wanted to take the cruise that would require us to transfer at somewhere in between, and then to Odaiba. But the staff told us we would have to wait 40minutes for transfer if we take that cruise. So to save time, we obviously chose the faster but more expensive option. Then again, the cruise we'll be taking looks pretty dang dope. It's like a spaceship. O_O
Well, we're in the land of the most advanced technology after all!!

Camwhore outside the cruise center while waiting!!

It's here it's here! The spaceship looking thing!!!!

Queue up for ze cruise. Hehehehe.


Ze Water Spaceship, Hotaluna.

They serve desserts and beverage on board too!

Brought Piglet out to play hahaha.


Got ourselves a seat and then we headed over to the counter to grab a drink!

Was curious, so I asked bae to order the Hotaluna Mojito!

Looks extremely good right? This mojito isn't like your usual mojito. If you're someone that prefers stronger alcohol level, this is probably not your thing, hahaha. This mojito is really sweet, which I actually like. But Ryan didn't really like it, cause he prefers more alcohol. He says it's nice though.

Brought along our Greentea Oreo, which we got from DAISO HARAJUKU for only 100JPY. 8D

Actually taste not bad! Better than Greentea Kitkat...... LOL. I love green tea, but green tea Kitkat is honestly bad........

Sorry, just a random selfie, LOL. Thought the lighting was good, :P

About 15 minutes into the ride, they open up the roof area for us! God, the view is simply amazing. My camera cannot capture lah, obviously. :(

Here we are!!! Arriving in Odaiba!!

And the first mall we see upon arriving in Odaiba is AQUA CITY!
Guys, if you visit Odaiba, and you see the souvenirs there, please don't buy. Especially Tokyo Bananas or whatever kind of Japanese snacks. Because you can get them at the same price at the airport, after you check in. Spare yourself the trouble from lugging all the stuff all over Odaiba because it's quite a bit of walk around this island.

Aqua City didn't have much stuff for us, so we headed over to the next mall that's linked to Aqua City by a bridge, DECKS. It's a Beach Mall, so you can shop for beach stuff there!

Ps: They have a really small beach right outside the mall! You can bring along your beach wear and perhaps head over to the beach for a bit.


Damn shiok lah!

And an extremely huge Joypolis. It's an otaku theme park. Didn't enter because that isn't the highlight of our trip to Odaiba hahahahahha.

And then we walked out of DECKS, to DIVERCITYYYYYYY!!! WOOHOOOOOOOO.

I've been dying to come here so bad, I think I more or less deliberately skipped the few malls at the front hahahahahahaha.

DiverCity has one of the best shopping stuff available in Odaiba. They have a lot of things for you to buy. But you will only get tax refund if you spend 10,008 JPY and above.

And the best part, they have a life sized Gundam figure right in front of the mall, #zomfgwtfbbq. Obviously the reason why I am so stoked about coming to Odaiba, hehehehehhehee.

WARNING: Photo flood.

Sorry, I get geeky when it comes to these, XD

After all the photos and snacking here and there, we headed back into DiverCity and shopped for a bit.

Trust me, time always passes extremely fast when you are shopping. It was almost 5PM by the time we finished at H&M and we are not even done with DiverCity, LOL. But we didn't want to waste too much time, because we are still going for Oedo Onsen Monogatari. Something we honestly wouldn't want to miss!

So we quickly finished up and headed over to the last mall around the nearby area we are at, the Palette Town!

I was totally expecting a Pokemon exhibition or ultra huge life sized figures, but no. ~_~ Sad.

A really beautiful garden that connects DiverCity and Palette Town!

We were greeted with a really beautiful surprise upon arriving at the "entrance" of Palete Town! Guess this is the only place that reminds me of the Pokemon Palette Town. You'll have to pass by a whole lot of bushes before entering the area where Ash stays, LOL.

But anyway, we were greeted with fields and fields of fully bloomed lavenders! They're extremely pretty!!!!!!

The entire garden was filled with beautiful pastel colours I swear my camera isn't doing the pretty landscape any justice.

And here we are! Palette Town!

To be honest, I actually did some research and read that they do have events and roadshows going on at Palette Town often. Guess me and Ryan is really just unlucky. Because the atrium is erm..... empty?

Palette Town has this mall called VenusFort. The entire Venus building is like a Venice in Japan. The whole building's interior is European Style, so you can imagine yourself in Europe being in there, hahahhahaa.

And they also have this really huge Hello Kitty store which I avoided going, :X But it's pretty well-known, and extremely huge. Many Hello Kitty fans visit Odaiba for the sake of visiting Kawaii Paradise, I heard?

There's the Toyota Mega Web right in the middle of Palette Town. Where you can see showcases of many different Toyota cars! And when I say many, it's really many. Hahahaha. There's a reason why they call it the Car Theme Park! And you can see the Pikachu/Pokemon car there!! I can't believe we totally miss it, ugh.

Anyway, me and Ryan took a quick walk around the area and left because it wasn't what we expected it to be. We saw this ultra huge VenusOutlet logo from DiverCity and thought it's yet another outlet mall like Gotemba, but what they have at Palette Town are all local Japanese brand stuff, :(

It was soon 6PM, and we headed towards the Oedo Onsen! We walked over from VenusFort, and damn it was a hell of a walk, lol. Just take the monorail if you actually bought the day pass, seriously.

We took this Tokyo Guide brochure from the airport when we first arrived, and using that we managed to get a discount for our tickets to Oedo Onsen! XD

Actually visiting the Onsen after 6PM is cheaper. And we managed to get a discount on top of that, how awesome hahahaha.

Entry: 1,480JPY/pax
Includes: Yukata and lockers.

People with tattoos are not allowed inside the Onsen theme park. But Ryan went in fine anyway. O_O
We didn't declare.... So I guess it's better to just act blur about it if they don't ask, haha.

The open spaced foot bath area! And also the only shared bath area........ :(
The onsen is honestly boring if you are unwilling to spend.
They have a lot of other facilities inside where you don't have to spend money for. Like the indoor and outdoor hot springs, not shared of course. Which is really cool and soothing. But I'm there all alone, so it kind of suck T_T

They also have paid services, which I think will make your trip to Oedo Onsen so much better, but totally unnecessary.
Like full body massage, salt bed therapy kind of thing for 30/60/90mins, ranging from 650JPY(S$8) and up.

And not forgetting the traditional games too. You get to keep what you fish!

Ryan was dying to pay for me to play, but I am a very practical person. All these figurines will end up in the dustbin or somewhere in my room collecting dust after I get it, so I insisted I'm not gonna play, LOL. 400JPY/game!

Some shooting game that'll broadcast your results to the entire onsen when you win....


Took 2 times because we stupidly exchanged too many coins thinking all of the vending machines uses the same coins.... :( But most of the vending machines there uses the scanning method. So we simply scan our tags to order the stuff we want.

I forgot what is this called. But it's extremely gooooddddd, *tears*
Dem cheese udon....... :hearts:


Shoyu onigiri from the vending machine @ 390JPY!

Our dessertttt, snow ice, hehe.

And here's the rest of the onsen!

You'll probably have to give the onsen a miss if you intend to take the cruise back to Asakusa. The last Hotaluna leaves at 16:25, and trust me, the view near evening is even more spectacular. Especially when the entire Hotaluna is lighted up, hahahaha! Well, me and Ryan missed it. So we had to take the metro back to Asakusa alllllll the way from Odaiba. XD
But it's okay. All the traveling for Odaiba is totally worth.

But you'll have to really get up early for a day trip here if you want to cover the entire Odaiba area. We didn't manage to cover another part of Odaiba because we didn't have much time to spare. Otherwise you can chose to have a stay at the Oedo Onsen, because the onsen actually have a resort as well. So you don't have to head back to your hotel in Central Tokyo after a long long day of traveling around Odaiba!

Back at Asakusa, doing what we do best.

Supper from the 24/7 bento store right beside our hotel, and dessert from Seiyu. The best part about living at Hotel Keihan is that they have 24/7 hyper market all over that sells food 24/7.

And my daily dose of Japanese sweets, hehehehe. No idea what this is, but I aim to try all of their traditional dessert before I leave Japan LOL.


The day where we spend the most, and grab the gifts. Basically another errands day lah, ugh. Going around town to buy souvenirs and things we saw but didn't purchase. Well, we're going back for more. No idea where we heading, but unlimited metro pass will serve us well.

Stay tune, y'all! Thanks for reading. :)

Camera used: Casio Exilim EX-10

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