Day 7: Back to Shibuya.

by - Thursday, June 26, 2014

Remember our plans to visit Odaiba? Well.... We ended up sleeping in again. Was supposed to wake up at 7AM and head out for breakfast buffet at our hotel, but we totally missed it, and woke up at 2PM. I ended up heading out to explore deeper parts of Asakusa alone, while baebae continued snoozing for a while more.

We missed our trip to Odaiba, but I guess we managed to make up to it with something equally awesome today.

Took a short walk around Asakusa, and stopped by a local restaurant for a bowl of shoyu ramen.

A bowl of dry shoyu ramen, with a hot spring egg. Hehehehe.
I've been a fan of hot spring eggs ever since I had that super thick and runny one at Hakone! Too good to be true, nhmmmm.

Crack it, nomnomnom...

And then I ordered gyoza as well, hahahhaa.

Their gyoza is slightly different from the ones we eat in Singapore. The outer skin is ultra crispy and the filling inside is warm and juicy! Instead of having a lot of meat, everything in this gyoza is well balanced.

Whole meal cost me about S$6.60(560JPY)? How much cheaper can food here get?!

Done with my lunch! Back to a walk through traditional Japan!

Afterwhich, I headed over to ROX mall and bought some food for Ryan. They have a whole floor of Seiyu at the basement, where they sell all sorts of grocery and stuff, basically a supermarket lah. And Seiyu is 24/7 as well! Best part, it's less than a 5 minutes walk away from our hotel, HAHAHAHA. And Seiyu sells bento/sushi/fried food/desserts too!

We will never go hungry staying at Asasuka, seriously.

Ps: And the hotel is so cheap!! We're staying at Hotel Keihan Asakusa, and it cost us approx. S$85/night? The metro station is conveniently located at about 10 minutes walk away, and we have 2 hypermarkets that opens for 24 hours here. And there are also 24 hours bento shop, plus 7-11, and a ramen shop that opens until 4AM!

Nearest Metro Station is Tawaramachi Station, on the Ginza Line. Which brings you directly to Shibuya in just 26minutes!

All the stairs climbing for this......

Anyway, caught Ryan smoking outside the hotel on my way back. There's no smoking area in the hotel, so you'll have to get out to smoke, hahahaha. Not like he cannot smoke in the room, since we've got ourselves a smoking-room, but then it's so smelly after his first cig on the first day at Hotel Keihan, I told him to never smoke in the room ever again, or hide in the toilet to smoke. Pffts.

Dropped the food and stuff at the hotel, and we headed out almost immediately to run some errands!

We went to Ueno to look for Ryan's Gopro equipments only to realise that they have no international warranty. So it's a waste to buy the equipments here, because we will have to spend a ton just to fix the stuff if anything goes wrong. :(

We didn't manage to walk around Ueno though.. Because it was getting extremely late, and we still need to head over to Shibuya to get Papa Almodiel's fishing stuff!

They have 2 super huge store that caters to all fishing fanatics. Equipments are almost 40% cheaper as compared to getting in Singapore!

After getting the stuff, we took a short stroll around the outskirt of Shibuya. Or rather, the end of Shibuya. Pretty near to Roppongi Dori area already. Where we spot a really good sushi restaurant, at 125JPY/plate(S$1.40). There are also other coloured plates at different prices, but still cheaper than having sushi in Singapore's restaurants...... :x

Address: 〒150-0002 東京都渋谷区渋谷3丁目17−4 山口ビル新館 1F

First two we tried was the Yellowtail and Salmon! They were so fresh you could taste the sweetness in the sashimi, *drools*

Too gooooddddd.

Humongous ebi!

Not sure what this is, but the calm is so sweeeetttt I wish I had more of this... T_T -

Yet another weird but uber delicious clam hehehehe.

After that the chef recommended us to try the Maguro(Tuna), and Bintoro(Fatty Tuna).

I finally understand what they mean by "The meat melts in your mouth."

I think we had over 6 plates of maguro in total. Bae was never a fan of maguro before we visit Japan. Now he loves maguroooooo like nuts hahahhaha!

How are we supposed to survive without such fresh sushi/sashimi after we go back to Singapore, #omg T.T

It was almost 8PM after we were done with dinner! Most of the shop closes at 9PM here in Japan. So we took a short stroll back to the station, and took metro back to Asakusa.

We passed by this shop that sells secondhand clothing at prices as low as 500JPY. Ohmygod, that is like how much..... S$6.00?!?!! And the clothes look almost brand new!! They have a really wide selection of both guys and ladies' clothes! Forgot to snap a photo of the place, :(

I'll remember to if I ever head back. Because Ryan is extremely interested in this leather jacket over there that cost about S$90, hahaha. I think we might head back again. I bought myself quite a bit of clothes there too! Too cheap to resist, :x

Anyway, we still have some sashimi waiting for us back at the hotel. We were afraid it will turn bad so we didn't spend too much time walking around. But to our surprise, THE SASHIMI ARE STILL MUCH FRESHER THAN WHAT WE GET IN RESTAURANTS IN SINGAPORE(?!) How is that even possible?!

I finally understand why people say you'll never eat sushi ever again in Singapore, after visiting Japan. This statement is more than just true. It's a fact lah, wahlao. LOL.

Might be heading down to Don's or Seiyu later on to grab some drinks hehehe. But we gotta sleep early. Because... We are definitely gonna go Odaiba tomorrow!!

Reminder to self: Must not oversleep. No matter how shiok the bed and weather is.


All photos taken on Casio Exilim EX-10.

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