Day 6: Senso-ji Temple, Akihabara and Music Street!

by - Wednesday, June 25, 2014

Got up amazingly early today just in time to head out to visit Senso-ji Temple. It is also our first day here at Asakusa, so we kind of got lost again before we managed to locate the fastest route to the metro station, LOL.

Ever since I've arrived in Japan, I swear I am super thankful to people who drafted out the world map. Or rather the bunch of people who created maps in the first place. I am not a direction idiot. To be honest, I am actually not too bad with directions and maps. But being unable to read foreign languages sometimes is really really really troublesome. Especially when you are overseas. :(

I am also extremely thankful to the fact that most part of Japan has English translations to their signboards in most of the major crowded areas. Like their metro stations, they will have English directions on their signboards right below the Japanese words! And Ryan can read!! So when I become blind(When I get so blur I don't realise things), he can be my eyes. Hahahahhahaha.

Anyway. It is also the first time we experience rain in Tokyo. It was said that it's the rainy season now, so it's gonna be pretty wet for the next few days until mid July. For the first 5 days here, the weather was pretty good and there hasn't been a single drop of rain! I guess we are extremely lucky on that part, hahaha. Imagine getting stranded and drenched somewhere in Fuji area the other day while we were trying to locate Fujikyu Hotel. Pffts.

We managed to head out just on time to our initially planned schedule. Being able to keep up with the schedule actually feels pretty good, hahahahhaa

Cannnnnn not resist food. We stopped by for a Taiyaki, hehehehe.

That face.

I like how whenever we buy street snacks like these, they actually serve us with drinks/oocha as well!! This store is conveniently located right next to our hotel, at about 100m away. Hahahaha. It's no surprise if I happen to get one Taiyaki a day from this store for the rest of my stay here, LOL.

And at about 50m down the street, we found ourselves a supper/grocery heaven where I foresee us visiting for the rest of our stay here, LOL.

A 24 hours 5 storeys hypermarket that sells almost anything and everything! ASAKUSA DON.QUIJOTE

They have so many things inside, it feels as if I am shopping in a mall. #Omg

Further down is where the shrine/temple area starts!! The whole street sells traditional Japanese street snacks and household stuffs! They also have Yukata too! And the whole street links to the heart of Asakusa, which is the Senso-ji Temple!

They also have rickshaw services, where you have these macho guys fetching you on the rickshaw, touring around Asakusa! They are basically like tour guides lah. They will explain to you how this or that came by in Asakusa, and the history of Asakusa. But the rickshaw service isn't cheap, @@ - So me and Ryan didn't take it hahaha. We prefer to walk around and snack on whatever we see, hehehehe.

Some really nice pork-chicken mini cutlet!! Or something else... No idea what is this called, but it is super delicious!! I think it's something like koroke hahahaha. Nhmmmmm -

Stopped by yet another booth, hahahhaha

Grabbed a seat while waiting for the cheese hotdog to be serveddddd!


Just kidding... Hahahahaha xD

Hotdog wrapped with deep fried cheese!!!!!


This is too dang good..... 8D

Passing many many mini alleys, to Senso-ji!

And here we are! Nakamise Street!

You'll see all sorts of snacks around here, hehehe.

Senso-ji Temple Entrance!

People throwing lots everywhere! Me and Ryan gave it a try too hahaha!

Amulets and souvenirs!

Look at the crowd!! It was getting pretty late by the time we reach the praying area. So we head out to our next destination after we are done touring the temple!

And more streets at Asakusa!

We discover this amusing underground tunnel that leads to the metro station! Still retaining the early 90s Japan interior!

We wanted to stop by one of the few izakaya to try out the food here, but we didn't have anytime at all, :( So we headed straight to Akihabara!

It was raining heavily when we arrived at Akiba, :(
Thank god Ryan brought out the umbrella! Hehehehehe.

Had to stop by a cafe because the rain was getting really really heavy. And we have no idea as of where were we at that point of time!

Some really normal sandwiches that cost us a bomb, :(
We wanted to order just one set to share but the waitress say we have to order one set each. So we got 2 sets of extremely norm sandwiches at about $12 T.T

And here we are!

MY FAVORITE STOREEEEEEEEE!! I would have spent over hundreds here if Ryan wasn't here with me hahahaha, XD

The boyfriend is unamused. Pffts

Yet another SEGA arcade building, *glittery eyes*


Okay. Moving on!!

I then brought baebae to a place he'd really loveeeeeee. Hehehhe


Walkinggggg -



Ochanomizu! Tokyo's biggest music street! This area is filled with numerous instrument stores and up to hundreds over different types of guitars! The stores here are sooooo huge they're almost like a museum! 8D

It takes approx. 10 minutes walk from Akiba to Ochanomizu! If you're a music person, you should totally visit this place!

Happy boy trying out guitars. I think he tried up to 5/6 guitars that day?! And we stayed around Ochanomizu for almost 3 hours just to look at guitars, hahahaha. I am not exactly a musician, but I kind of know a little bit here and there, so it wasn't too boring for me. XD

But half way through, I got kind of dizzy and had mild headache. :(
Must be the rain and lack of food T_T

Most of the shop closed at about 8PM, so we headed back to our hotel since everything is closing already.

Alighted at Asakusa, and we saw the bunch of neko again! They're so adorable!! They went crowding around the ojichan when he came out from the izakaya, hahahaha. Super cuteeeee.

Went over to the Tempura store and have our usual tempura don. We didn't get to eat it hot last night, so Ryan said we should totally eat at the restaurant. And guess what? IT WAS SO GOOD I THINK I WILL NEVER ORDER TEMPURA DON IN SINGAPORE EVER AGAIN, #omg

That crisp and taste, *tears of joy*

Back at the hotel now, gonna go prep for tomorrow's itinerary! We will be dropping by Odaiba tomorrow!! I am soooo eggciteddd! BECAUSE THERE'S A LIFE SIZED GUNDAM FIGURE OVER THEREEEEEE, #OMGGGGG 8D

Okay. Time for bed, hehehe. Gotta head out at 10AM tomorrow x)
Update again!


All photos taken on Casio Exilim EX-10.

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