Day 5: Back to Harajuku, Japan.

by - Monday, June 23, 2014

Out to Harajuku again today. Because we were there too late last night, most of the stores had closed. We didn't get to walk shop around the stores and I didn't get to visit H&M :(

So we headed out to Harajuku directly today. And...... Yep, we got lost again.

It was pretty epic how we ended up at the wrong station again because we took the wrong train. They have Express trains, and normal trains here. Both arriving on the same lane. And we couldn't understand what the station was broadcasting, so we blur blur just board the train and ended up at Ichigaya. We decided to tap out since we have unlimited ride, and have a look around the area. It was a surprisingly nice place filled with students and businessmen.

I realised how we really love going on long walks through all the weird alleys and streets that doesn't appear on the travel guide. So we don't go to places that are filled with tourists, and we get to see how people really live in their own country!

There was once when I was in Europe... Our tour guide brought us to Chinese restaurant almost everyday, and I got so annoyed. I felt as if I'm back in Singapore instead of being overseas. Then whats the point of paying so much to travel to feel like you're at home? #Cannevergeddit

We strolled around the area and popped by a cafe nearby the station for light lunch!

Look at that cheese, #omg

And the land of manga presents to you their unique mascot. This is a thai restaurant that we passed by, hahahhaa. The mascot is doing a muay thai pose, at the same time terik-ing his ramen, LOL.

We didn't want to waste too much time dilly-dallying again, so we headed back to the station after we were done with that cheesy toast.

I like how they even have signs for the blind! And the station staffs are also extremely friendly and helpful!

Arrived at Meiji-jingumae station, and took a wrong exit thinking it was the same one we entered from last night. Is it just me, or do all their train station look similar? Getting lost in their train stations feels like it's only natural. *Facepalm*

We headed out of the station, and I immediately saw that humongous H&M sign. My evil twin decided to be adventurous and took the shortcut, and walk towards the H&M building. To only realise after that that the route we took, was an extra long cut. Best part, I told Ryan confidently, "Aiyah, don't need check the map lah! Just walk towards that building can already!" How embarrassing -___-.....

But it was fun. We get to see weird cafes all over the place, hahahaha.

Managed to locate H&M and spent over 4,000JPY there. Their clothes are so freaking cheap!! They are having pre-sale discount now, so most of the stuff is going at about 300/500/700JPY only?! I swear this period is the best time to visit Japan if you're a total shopping person, XD
And it's all summer clothing!! You don't have to worry about not being to wear it in Singapore!
But of course, only selected brands are cheaper than it is in Singapore.

Dropped by the usual place for our mini-lunch again.

I actually really like onigiri.... I can have onigiri everyday... 8D
And they still have so many other things on shelf that looks uber delicious?! I don't think I'm going to any restaurants anymore. Not until I get to finish trying most of their convenient store food, hehehhehehehe.

Cool elevator that transports cars. It's everywhere in Japan, O_O

See that H&M building at the back?!?!?!?!?!

Cute comics at their smoking corner, telling you how you should never walk and smoke at the same time, and not to toss your cigarettes all over the place. Smokers should really take note of these!!
And free wi-fi at smoke stops!

Headed back to our hotel to grab our luggages after that. We checked-out earlier this morning, and left our luggages at the front desk so that we wouldn't have to bring it with us while we shop, hehehe.

THAT DANISH BARRRR IS DAMMMNNN GOOOODDDDDDDD. They don't have cinnamon flavour though. So I took the sugar one instead, hehehehehe.

You eat what you fish! Located in the mall right next to our hotel at Shinjuku Washington!

Wanted to try this so badly, but we didn't have any time at all, :( I think we sleep in too much.....

The food purchasing machine I was talking about! We usually avoid these restaurants because we couldn't read the menu.... Unless there's images embedded to the selecting buttons, hahahhahaha.

Next stop: Asakusa!

I swear it was a hell of a walk. We were unfamiliar with the place, so we took a lot of unnecessary routes and climbed a lot of stairs. Like what Lex warned me.
I'm not even joking. There's only one elevator that leads to the ticketing area, and then it's all stairs up to the ground level.

And carrying two luggages to climb is just bad..... x_x

So do take note that they don't have much escalators at Asakusa station should you ever get a hotel here.

Finally here!! Still a pretty long walk to Hotel Keihan Asakusa though, T_T
But the atmosphere around here feels really nice. So it wasn't that bad having to walk so much. And it isn't crowded at all!
Asakusa is only crowded in the morning/afternoon, because many tourists come to visit Senso-ji Temple!

Front entrance of Senso-ji Temple! Gonna be here tomorrow. And I see a lot of small little stores inside there that sells food, hehehehhe. I can't waitttt.

Alright, I'm gonna go unpack my stuff and prep for tomorrow's outing. We will be staying at this hotel for the next 6 days until we leave Tokyo! Room is pretty decent, but still really small for our stuff, :(
I think I bought too many snacks....

Anyway, there are a lot of small little short cuts to walk from our hotel to the train station, so it is really convenient!
It was long when we first arrived because we don't know where to walk lah... As usual. Pffts. I hope I don't get lost tomorrow though. Hahahahhahha

All photos taken on Casio Exilim EX-10.

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