Day 4: Shibuya/Harajuku, Japan.

by - Sunday, June 22, 2014

Here we are! Back in the city, Shinjuku! As expected. We ended up sleeping in until it was almost 4:00PM Japan time because we were honestly too drained from the past 3 exhausting day. We headed out almost immediately after we were done preparing because it was getting extremely late. And most shops closes at 9PM, :(

Off to Shibuya we go!! It was pretty stupid how we actually got there. Our 3-days Metro pass ticket is only valid for selected metro lines in Tokyo. But we didn't know. And we ended up taking a private line to Shibuya, and was required to pay the fare adjustment T_T
But glad we were able to make it there without getting lost again, HAHAHAHAHA.

Here we are! The famous cross junction in Shibuya!
Quite an amazing sight to be honest. Watching so many people crossing the street at once, and not banging into each other, 8D

They also have really cool smoking areas around Shibuya! Like this huge ass smoking station over here! I've mostly seen small little smoking stands by the road side, but not something THIS huge. The amount of smoking inside there scares me. @@

We headed over to the mall right opposite (because we honestly have no idea where to walk) to grab a cup of Starbucks.

Their unique menu, Double Chocolate Frappe with Coffee Jelly. Best part, the jellies are those ultra QQ jelly! Unlike those usual bubble tea nua nua jelly. Plus it's double choc.... Ohmygoddddddd.

We figured the way to Harajuku while chilling on our cup of Starbucks. To be honest, we don't have too bad a map reading skill. But we always end up lost somehow, and I honestly have no idea why. But anyway, we walked down the street and saw a McDonald's.... and I remembered every country has different menu, so I asked Ryan if he wants to pop by to see what's on their menu. And so we did! No regrets. I sweear. Hehehehhee......

I have no idea what these are, but it taste freaking awesome!! I think it's fried onigiri with cheese. Almost ordered a second serving, but knowing how much a glutton I am, it's better I keep my stomach empty for more weird street snack.... Hahahahha, XD

Saw a group of people protesting upon leaving Macs. No idea what it was about, but it's pretty cool to witness such scene up close. And they were not violent at all! What made it more amazing is that, they are actually super organised. Like wtf, since when protest got so peaceful one?!?!

The entire traffic was stopped for them. So we had to wait for them to pass, before we can cross the road. After everything has cleared, we carried on our journey to Harajuku hehehe.

This is one huge ass Disney store!

Knowing me, UNIQLO is definitely a MUST to shop at. Especially when it is the pre-sale period. Everything goes up to 70% discount!! SUPER INSANE. But I rikeeee, x)

After grabbing some clothes at UNIQLO, we continued walking towards Harajuku area!

It wasn't easy getting to Harajuku being my first time there in Shibuya. Me and Ryan almost got lost again, but we managed to find our way out somehow and ended at this really awesome street band near Yoyogi Park!

I swear they were freaking awesome! The sound system was terrible... But their vocals and skills were fantastic! Everyone was dancing to their music! It's THAT good!

And a street down after crossing the street lies the Harajuku popular Takeshita street! We were there pretty late, so the crowd cleared quite a bit. But this is one extremely popular place for youngsters to come!

To be honest nothing actually really caught my eye at Harajuku. The reason why I am there was because there is this ultra humongous DAISO. And me just being me... HOW TO RESIST CHEAP AND GOOD STUFF?! 100YEN instead of S$2.00!! That's 0.80cents cheaper!

Look at that insane amount of stuff inside there!! The DAISO has 4 storeys(Including a basement). So you basically have everything you need and want over there. I ended up spending about 2,160YEN(Approx. S$26) at DAISO, 8D

And my loots for today...... DAISO, UNIQLO and random convenient store.

IT'S CRAZYYYY. ALL THESE FOR ONLY 2,160YEN!?!??! Exclude Ryan's Oakleys. He got that at Gotemba Premium Outlet! At 40% cheaper than SG price, 8D

We've also gotten ourselves pretty affordable dinner too! You see, I am not someone that likes to visit restaurants when I'm overseas... I'm the kind that likes to visit supermarket and convenient store, or drop by any street shop just to try out their local street snack instead of visiting restaurant for an extremely costly but normal meal.

We were lucky enough to find the Mini Stop right below our hotel! So we got us some instant food from there!
And a beef bowl from the store we had our dinner at last night!

And a meal like that cost us 1,654YEN. I am now determined you can survive in Japan for 10 days with only 40,000YEN in your pocket. Without excessive shopping that is. I honestly don't see a point in getting branded stuff over here. It is slightly cheaper but Japan has wayyyy nicer stuff at a cheaper cost. You just need to have the patience to get lost and look out for stores that are on "SALES".

With that said, I am actually quite stoked to see so many shops having sales at Harajuku. And I SAW ONE ULTRA HUGE H&M AND FOREVER21 THERE WHICH I DIDN'T HAVE TIME TO VISIT JUST NOW. I've finally managed to persuade Ryan to go back to Harajuku with me tomorrow to shop at H&M(He doesn't know Imma go H&M, LOL), and I hope I'll have some good catch. Hehehehe.

Okay it's about time for bed now. Checking out of this hotel tomorrow and transferring over to Asakusa!! I can't wait for my Odaiba trippppp!

Thank you for reading, xx -

Camera used: Casio Exilim EX-10

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