Day 6: Switzerland - Interlaken

by - Thursday, May 08, 2014

DAY 6: December 2013
This post came 5 months late.

Arrived in the most beautiful country, ever. The land of snow and christmas, Switzerland! The ride here was hell. I swear. We had a 4 hours long bus ride all the way from Verona, to finally cross the borders of Italy and arrive in Switzerland. And then yet another 3 hours of long bus ride from the borders over to Interlaken where our hotel is located.

I could feel the chills the moment we cross the border. It feels like it's two total different space it's actually rather amazing. From beautiful Lake Lugano, to Alps and pretty snow fields! Feels as if I was trapped inside a snow globe, totally feelin' it, hahahahahaha.
It wasn't snowing, but the temperature was -3 degree celsius that morning when we arrive in Switzerland!
We did a photo stop at Lugano before heading up to Interlaken. That's all before the snow and frozen villages start setting in!

After a short walk around Lugano, we made our way up over to Interlaken in yet another 2 hours bus ride. I swear the view is simply breathtaking. It's soooooo pretty, I spent the whole trip looking out of the bus enjoying the scenery! I usually just sleep through bus rides, hahahaha. :x

Standing on a pile of .... ice. It was a pretty bad decision because my shoes wasn't waterproof... x_x

By the time we arrived in Interlaken, sky was pretty dark already! So we headed straight for dinner and then it was our own free time to roam about the place! Shop there closes really early as well because the day time there doesn't last too long during winter.

But the area where my hotel was situated is a really really nice place!! Wish I had taken more photos, but my camera kind of died due to the cold weather and I had to leave it in the hotel for it to adjust to the temperature suitable for it to work. :(

The pavement in between the hotel lobby and my hotel room!

(Taken with iPhone)

In case you're wondering what camera I used for the trip.... It was a lousy Nikon J2 that couldn't really do much apart from taking raw shots. Got cheated to buy it second hand at an overpriced amount. Wahlao, even my iPhone take better shots than the camera lor. Wished I had brought my dad's DSLR instead, T_T

He is one of the staff at the restaurant! Couldn't remember his name, but I'll call him "Niuniu". Hahahaha!
He can actually speak chinese, and he's surprisingly fluent at it!

Dinner for the night was Cheese Fondue &Rösti! The waiter told us this is a traditional Swiss dish! And people in Switzerland love Cheese Fondue! They also have really good German beer here!
The waiter said instead of YAMMMM SENGGGG, people in Swiss shouts "oooohhhhHHHHHHHHHH-HA!"
So we did a "ohhhhh-ha" with them at the restaurant before leaving!

Pardon that face, I had a gumball in my mouth, LOL.

Took a short stroll around the place before heading back to the hotel!! I managed to find this gumball machine and bought one gumball at S$1. LOL. Expensive, but ah well. My aunt then bought a couple of watches from the stores there!! They apparently sell really cheap watches at Interlaken, considering we still get tax refund and all. So it's a waste if we don't get a piece or two from here, haha.

Tour guide said the area is pretty safe because the people living there are extremely nice. I think so too, everyone is so helpful here! So I ended up walking about the area and sitting at the hotel lobby Skyping until I was tired enough to sleep. That marks the end of my day at Interlaken!!

Next up: Trip to Swiss Alps - Jung Frau Yoch

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