My little piece of heaven!

by - Friday, June 07, 2013

Just this afternoon, I found myself a tiny piece of joy in midst of all the war that was going on within my room. I was clearing up some extra and unwanted stuff for my upcoming flea with the girlfs(If nothing goes wrong that is.) when I found myself a new past time.

That is, to camwhore within that new found space within my messy room.

You see, I've been really annoyed with the orange light I have in my room despite it being cozy and all... But it's a bunch of spot light that actually heats up my whole room like a sauna and gives me terrible headac.......wait that's not the point. What actually annoys me even more is that, iPhone 5's camera is super shitty under orange light and I can never take nice picture in my room. A bit ridiculous right? I know a bedroom is for sleeping and yadah, why do I need to camwhore there.... Aiya! You will never understand, T_T

So I was drop dead ecstatic, my creative brain immediately rampage through the war that was already going on, and! I got me some white light. Hehehe, PERFECT. They told me to be contented with what I already have, so I make do with what I already have. Though it's a lot of work to set up the whole thing(I'm not gonna tell you how, or else I would probably have to dig myself a hole and bury myself due to embarrassment.), but with the existence of white light in my room, I can spare that few hundreds from buying a camera and do other stuff! Can you tell how happy I am?!?!?!

Not saying the picture quality is really good right now. Because I have no tripod, so I could only use my front cam. So I'm gonna perform some optical illusion here to make you all believe my picture quality is HD by making some of them smaller. Genius me! HAHAHAHAHA!

Amazing how iPhone could produce such pretty photos with all their awesome applications.
As much as I love this... Nothing beats mother nature!

You can even see strands of my hair flying, LOL.

Apologies if I cracked any of your screens, xoxo!

To that someone who left a comment on my previous post regarding my stockings, I got them from bugis street, level 1! You can try walking around for cheaper price, a lot of the shops there sells them! :)

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