by - Monday, June 10, 2013

Hello, just a short update for today because I actually really just want to share a couple of photos, hahaha! Made a trip to Bt Timah's railway this afternoon before heading home. The weather was no doubt perfect for photos but it was so warm me and Clint almost fainted due to dehydration.

A photo on the white and wide overhead bridge on our way to the railway. The sun was so bright I could barely open my eyes, x.x

Came here the other time when they said they are tearing down the railway. Didn't expect them to leave this area untouched!

The weather was burning hot. Our feet were literally burning when we walk on the rail! So we took a couple of quick snaps and made our way to our next destination, hahaha.

Hahaha bby's face, XD

Headed over to Cold Storage after that to grab a drink or two. Thank goodness the Cold Storage wasn't too far away. And it is literally a COLD storage, if you get what I mean. XD

There is a rather huge McDonalds' over there, and they have the mascots right outside the restaurant. So me and bby tried reviving childhood by doing the -take a picture with McDonalds'- shot.

I have no idea what the hell was I doing. Probably the chicken dance, and Clint just snapped away. Lol!
I honestly miss the times when Hamburglar was still part of the McD mascots. Instead of all these Hello Kitty and stuff.... ahh, everything modernised, now I feel dam old to actually know of all these characters. Hahahaha, never mind, I'm forever young at heart, :P

Thank you for reading, promise I'll update about my Taiwan: Day 2 soon!
Probably tomorrow if I wake up feeling alright, ^^

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