Advanced 21st.

by - Wednesday, June 05, 2013

What?! I'm 21?!

Yes, I am finally hitting 21! It's gonna be a big year for me, and trust me when people say that the time FLIES the moment you hit the big 2, it's true. I can't believe I'm hitting the legal age already! Kiddish me still looking kiddish.

Anyway, I had a really good one this year because Clint actually booked a 2D1N staycation at Hard Rock Hotel Singapore. Okay, I'll just be honest. It was meant to be a surprise but the surprise somehow busted the very next day after the hotel was booked. Because stupid Scoot just have to have a 1 for 1 offer right after Clint decided to celebrate with me in Singapore, and I argued with him for almost a week just for that.

I am such a lucky girl. Not only do I have my boyfriend preparing such a staycation for me, accompanied with a pair of tickets to Adventure Cove(Which I'll blog about in another post, probably with a video attached.), I also have awesome friends I made from the CNOS competition all there at the hotel earlier than me preparing all sorts of decoration and planning just to give me a surprise when I arrive.

What surprised me even more was the mountain of pizza lying on the table when I enter the room. You must be thinking how it would had cost a bomb ordering that much large pizzas, but no. I was sponsored by Domino's Pizza! I honestly can never be more thankful for these. I didn't want Clint to spend too much on my birthday, and to be true, I didn't even want a celebration at all. I am currently jobless, and NS isn't paying Clint much, furthermore, most of the peeps are still student! So I thought there's no need to go through all these expenses to stress our wallets even more. So I am really really thankful all these surprises went on despite on how tight all of their financial is.

The day started out really dark because I was feeling super gloomy due to the rain and lack of sleep. And I was rushing designs for the gifts I prepared for the guests(I already knew about the surprise and guest list) overnight, so I didn't really sleep at all. What made me more angry was how I just have to have my hair and make up all messed up after spending so much time trying to look good for that day. So my face was really black by the time I reached Vivo and met up with bby.

But the grumpiness started to die off after realising what bby was doing at Bakerzin before I arrived and after we got onto the tram towards Sentosa, hehehehe. Okay, maybe a lil bit pissed after getting lost at the pool area of Hard Rock Hotel. It was so slippery and we were just making rounds because we couldn't find the entrance. *Face palm*

We were so desperately hot and drenched that we made an immediately bee-line towards the hotel room to get ourselves clean up.

Me, being the usual party popper.... Overheard gossips and noises before we even arrive at the room's entrance, had made Clint go into the room first so I could avoid the grand entrance. But the CNOS bunch were so agile they realized Clint was the one entering the room and didn't scream the birthday wish, so I didn't get spared with the screams and cheers and the constant clicking of idkwhosecamerawasthat, hahahaha. GIMME THE PICTURES. But I was seriously surprised to see how huge the room was! It was a Twin Deluxe omg. So much bigger than the one I visited back in last Nov during a friend's 21st!

Panorama view.

My mood kinda lifted after my grand entrance, and so we started the party!!

Just a personal requested gift.... I made everyone make an ugly face for me to snap a polaroid just to exchange for the gift I've prepared for them. I was having so much fun watching everyone making ugly faces, HAHAHAHA. I shall save them for my safe keeping. You might want to check out their blogs for the pictures! Don and Jong's were so funny I almost died.

Laying out the mountain of pizzas generously sponsored by Domino's Pizza with 6 different flavours, snapped a group photo and everyone started digging in. The smell was so overwhelming delicious we couldn't resist it any longer. Look at their happy faces!

And my happy face too.

I honestly can never thank Domino's Pizza enough for sponsoring such a feast for my party! It was definitely the best!

P/s: Domino's is having a MEGASALE now with 50% off their regular pizzas. I know you are craving badly for pizza after reading this, so I'm doing you a favour by providing the link over here. Quick go get yourself a serving before they are overwhelmed with orders!

Remember I mentioned about Clint getting something from Bakerzin? ITS MY LONG REQUESTED STRAWBERRY SHORTCAKE!! The day is going so well I honestly can never be happier.

So happy I had to pose with my cake. I swear I have tons of camho with my Strawberry Shortcake, LOL. No, you're not gonna see them!

We basically just went on feasting for the whole night and did nothing else...... Kidding.

We went on chatting until everyone had arrived and then played this game called "King". So you have a King card, and then another other numbers ranging from 1 ~ how many people you have there, then you are to shuffle and draw a card each. The person who gets the King card gets to chose which number to do whatever! Lucky me was called to perform the "7 touch or something" act with Clint cause his number was selected. So we have to touch each other at 7 points as requested by the "King" of that round. You can totally imagine how I turned into a koala bear hanging my leg over Clint's waist, LOL.

Some people had to leave early, so we proceeded on to photos session while the rest just stayed around and chit chat for a bit. It's amazing how the photo session actually turned into a mini photoshoot for me and Angela, hahahaha. With special thanks to my new found drop dead awesome photographer that never fails to capture the best angle out of everyone, huixinhuixin. Of course! With a touch of photoshop, everyone looks like a KPOP star in the photos. Hahahahaha, ikeedz.

Just the ladies having fun.

Buried alive beneath a pool of balloons.....

Bbylove, Clinton.



Pammie! This cheeky girl gave me wine and condoms as birthday presents, lol!


Diva Don!!

Angela on the left, Natalie on the right!

And the mini photoshoot with Angela I was talking about..

I swear Huixin is dam good at this, hahahahaha!

Group photo with everyone!! Photo is kind of dark because the lightings wasn't being too friendly to my iPhone camera, as usual. Now behold a photo flood of my face.

A couple of shots by Don!

At last! Just me and my birthday cake.

A pity I didn't have pictures with a couple of the girls. :( Huixin's cameo died after me and Angela camho too much and everyone were so engross with their topic it kind of slipped my mind about the photos. Ah well.. A point to note to anyone that's gonna host a party. Take photos with everyone the moment they arrive! Or you probably gonna just missed it like I did, ._.

It was almost 11:30PM when everyone left leaving me and Clint alone for our romantic night in Sentosa. Happy news is that, we have our own room now. And no longer stranded like the other time...... Of course! The hungry monster within us didn't allow us to end the night without supper. And being Singaporeans, despite staying at a hotel for a night, we headed over to 7-11 and grabbed some instant food. It's my favorite okay! Especially their Butter Chicken Bryani, omg it's the best Nasi Bryani I've ever eaten. And I think it will still be top on my list until they stop producing it.

Ending with a photo of us in our awesome Twin Deluxe, hehehehe.

Thank you for everything baby. I loved it and I love you! ^3^

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