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I'm sorry this post came half a year late, hahaha! I had been too busy and lazy to edit all my photos from my trip. As most of you had already know, it was my virgin trip alone to somewhere foreign! My cousin had been nice and awesome enough to pay for my ticket and flew me over to accompany her because she was there on a business trip alone. Yep, just me.

So I did all the check in and everything on my own, all the way until I reach Taiwan's airport and had my own chauffeur fetching me to the hotel. I checked in at about 00:00MN, because my flight is at 00:55AM. So I went in there and started wandering around. Thank god I brought along my laptop, I was surfing the net until the boarding notice was broadcasted! I was soooo amused I went around the airport and took picture of almost every single thing I see, LOL. No, not my first time flying.

Sooooooo amused I even took a photo of my reflection. THE GLASS IS SO CLEAN AND SHINY!

What amused me the most was the amount of kiasu singaporeans there were. I saw queues waiting to get into the waiting area before they even broadcast for people to enter?!
Even during boarding time. People were rushing and crowding around the entrance fighting to be the first to board the plane. It's not as if you'll get a better seat if you go in first right..... So I ended up being the last few to board. :/

Look at this, look at this!! Omg, you know what this is?! Actually, I don't know. :X

One of the few most awesome plane food I've ever eaten. Probably tasted better because I was flying on my own. xD

Touched down in Taoyuan International Airport and I swear I totally felt as if I just got home. I felt more like home in Taiwan than I am in Singapore, LOL. Thankfully my chinese isn't that bad. It was easy to navigate myself around the airport!

It was a morning flight, so I arrived in Taiwan at about 05:25AM. After checking out, I had this "guide" waiting for me at the gantry to bring me over to "my car" to fetch me to my hotel. To be honest, when my cousin told me that there will be a car picking me up at the airport, I was thinking it is going to be some kind of normal cabby. I honestly wasn't expecting this....

A whole row of well polished and shining cars with private chauffeurs omg. A pity it wasn't a limo, but close enough?! LOL.

The hotel is super classy! I had this whole sensation of blissfulness overwhelming me the moment I stepped into the hotel. Like I'm some kind of superstar like that, hahahahaha.

I didn't exactly sleep after reaching there. Because by the time I arrived at the hotel, it was almost 06:30AM already. Did I mention how lucky was I to meet 2 of my friends in Taiwan? Yep, so I headed down and grab myself some breakfast, showered, called bby/family and then met up with the guys at about 10:00AM to go 陽明山!

BEST.CAI.FAN.EVER. What's more, they open 24/7!! And it is located in the alley right next to my hotel! At first I thought this is gonna be my supper for the next 4 days in Taiwan, but I frequent the 7-11 instead... HAHAHAHA!!

OOTD for that day! I love how hotels always have full body mirrors big enough for you to snap OOTD or to check yourself out, HAHAHAHAH!!
Ps; I love those wellingtons! SGD$7 from H&M! Superb good catch!

Happy girl is happy. The nearest station to my hotel!

Alighted at 劍潭 and locate the bus stop. It was a day with a hell lot of traveling. So we took the train, the bus, and used transport 11...

Waited rather long for the bus to come. And there is no shelter. But it's okay because the weather there is perfect. I wouldn't wanna imagine what happens if it rains though......

The bus trip was no doubt, long. But I was so overwhelmed with joy I could just ride the bus the whole day! HAHAHA.

Trip to there took us about 15 minutes. And then we made our way up the "mountain". We didn't actually went all the way up because it was too tedious to come down, hahaha! And the three of us were really hungry by the time we reach the 1st rest stop somewhere near the middle. Nevertheless, the sight was pretty. Took quite a bit of photos!

烤地瓜!! The best thing you can find when you're stranded up in the middle of the mountain with no 7-11.

After wandering about in the middle of nowhere up on the mountain, we made our way back down and back to the city because we were too hungry already. Took the usual bus back to where we came from and met up with my cousin for dinner at Raohe St. Night Market! Photos from here on are all from my iPhone because the camera died half way.. :(

Saw this on our way to Raohe. Look at the ingredients!! And then look at the kind of bread we have in Singapore..... T T
I really wish I was living in Taiwan but earning Singapore's salary, HAHAHAHAHAHA!

Doraemon's favourite! 铜锣烧! Bought one before we had our dinner and swore that we would definitely pack more back because it's THAT delicious!

The famous 三媽臭臭鍋!! I thought it was gonna be super smelly or something since it's called 臭臭鍋... But it is the total opposite and it's super delicious!! And we are allow to refill our soup. All we need to do is order the side dishes or food that you want. Furthermore, the dishes are dam cheap. The whole meal cost about SGD$9/pax? The hotpot I ordered cost 120NT(About SGD$5.50) only!

I knew blogging about my trip at this unholy timing was a wrong choice.. Now I'm craving for 臭臭鍋 and 铜锣烧! Sobs!

It was rather late by the time we finished our dinner. Sis have to work the next morning, and I haven't sleep, so we rushed back to the hotel after buying our 铜锣烧.

Saw this poodle on our way back to hotel!! Dam adorable! But it was soooo hard to snap a photo because iPhone's cam shutter is so slow and the poodle couldn't stop moving about. :(

My day 1 was rather boring.. Probably because I didn't sleep from since I was in Singapore, and I felt too tired to be feeling anything. :( So a precious lesson learnt, always sleep before you start your day! Especially if you're overseas! Or else it's like a total waste of time and money. Overall was not too bad though. At least I get to eat a lot of nice stuff and snapped quite a few pretty pictures at 陽明山!

Will blog about my day 2 soon! More eggciting pictures, hehehe. I made sure the camera was working fine with full batteries before I headed out. So stay tune and thank you for reading!


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