by - Sunday, May 26, 2013

Last Friday, me and Clint made a trip to IKEA with Damien, Natalie and Don to satisfy our crave for meatballsssss. Yes, it's been a while. I remembered the last time I had IKEA's meatballs was the time when they had this promo, meatballs at $0.10 each. I bought 70, LOL.

Amazing how we managed to get a seat because it was public holiday and it was really really crowded. But thank god we've met nice people that shared a table with us! After lunch, we headed over to Vivo for a walk.

Tehpeng and Natalie had to leave early so it was just me, bby and Don left for dinner. Headed over to Lau Pa Sat for some stingray and gong gong. And then we took a walk around City Hall. No doubt the prettiest part of Singapore, the lights on the buildings were spectacular! Especially the light show by MBS!

The sight was breathtaking. And knowing that at that point of time, there's a lot of celebrities and youtube stars over at the other side of where I'm standing made it more awesome, hahahahaha! It was getting rather late by the time we reach Esplanade, so we quickly rushed for the last train home!

My life had been so mundane I honestly have no idea how I could make a speech out of it. I think I better get myself some stuff to do or else I'll really turn myself into a tuna by the end of my holidays...

Alright, that's all for today! It's Monday tomorrow, have a great week peepo!


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