Good bye days

by - Wednesday, December 05, 2012

Another load off my shoulders! I can't believe I actually passed my SA and I don't have any resubmissions! I was actually expecting myself to fail my 3D because I barely even did anything, and had only rushed through the assignments earlier that morning of submission. Thank god my hard work paid off. *Cries tears of happiness*

Good bye to those days when I could only sleep for 30 minutes, and had to go on empty tummy for 41 hours or have only a couple of bites every day just to survive! It's a pretty good thing though. I had probably slimmed down by like.... 3 ~ 5kg, and I could fit into those clothes that I outgrew! Okay, okay, it's unhealthy, I know. No more next time, hehe.

Now... Start of holidays! Time to earn some cash for the next few months and do some really crazy things!

A song I find really meaningful. Kind of tells the story of most girls out there these days, from what I noticed on my Facebook feeds..... Enjoy.

Update soon.

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