Last day.

by - Wednesday, November 28, 2012

Okay, here goes!!

It's the last day before the big assessment day. Everyone's sooooooo busy and stressed out about it. And of course, Me included.
My master hand is on the verge of getting a stroke soon. I've been writing so much that my blood isn't flowing fast enough to support my right hand anymore. What's worse, today would be the 7th sleepless night. But lucky enough, I overslept today. Was intending to take a 3 hours nap, and wake up at 10AM to continue with the last final few pieces of work, but I ended up sleeping in until 4PM. AND I WASTED 6 HOURS OF MY LIFE SLEEPING WHEN I CAN ACTUALLY DO SOMETHING MORE PRODUCTIVE!


Le playlist on repeat.

Anyway, my daily dose. I guess these are the only stuff that could keep my dying conscious awake now. I would probably had fainted from over exhaust by now if I didnt have any of these eye candies for me to ogle. Sounds wrongs, but ya... My eyecandy..... Ferrari F12 Berlinetta.... 8D

I have this sudden crave for some reeeallllly cheesy alfredo pasta now. But I don't have the pasta sauce at home! Ugh.. Guess I'll make do with Aglio again. Time to learn some time saving dishes soon. Not like Aglio isnt nice, but having it all the time?!


Headed out to get some materials and files looking like a vampire. Didnt want to actually doll up, but mom said I look horrendously like a living dead, so I whip out my red contacts and slap on some red lipstick to make myself look more deadly. Everyone probably thought I was a freak, because I am so pale, and I have red eyes.

Alright it's almost 6PM now. I have 14 hours left! Time to sprint! I hope I don't collapse tonight. Bye! Xx

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