With lots of love from America!

by - Monday, July 30, 2012

My aunt's back from US with lots of love! Okay la, not a lot. But at least something awesome hahaha. She got me a new watch while on plane as a belated birthday present!

Frankly speaking, I didn't actually know what's AIGNER until I google it. Must had felt I was hiding in the mountains right?! Sorry la, Im not a label kind of person. :(

But that's not the point. Point is, the watch is really pretty!! And to add on, it's being bought while in mid-air! And she brought back a box of Godiva chocolates too!

I know it's fattening, but IT'S GODIVA! How can I ever resist this?! It's a sin to say no to chocolates okay. Especially if they're expensive ones.. :x

School is reopening next week, fml. My body clock is still screwed up. I doubt I can even wake up early enough for my orientation this coming Wednesday. :( But first, I hope I wouldn't forget about it. And I don't even know what do I need to bring for orientation. Oh god, I'm so unprepared.

Alright, I'll update again soonish! After I'm over and done with school stuff and uploaded all the Tiramisu photos into my comp, hehe.

Stay tune! Xoxo

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