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by - Friday, July 27, 2012

So sorry I've been so inactive lately. I really don't want to go on about this again, but just recently, I've lost my phone, my laptop died, my camera's battery is spoiled. So I practically couldn't do much stuff online! And just 2 days ago Clint's laptop screen suddenly crack and it couldn't work anymore! And that's one working laptop down, yet again, wtf.

I'm currently blogging from my other working-but-virus-filled-super-old-and-laggy-laptop. Google Chrome crashes on me at least once in every paragraph I typed, fml.

Considering the fact that I have almost 5 months holiday from since I graduate, I obviously got myself a part time to earn some extra cash. But it seems like things always, always, always doesn't go well for me whenever I get myself a part time job. There bound to have stuff cropping up for me no matter what. Like for example:

1 Either my pay gets cut for no apparent reason, or else they delay it for months.
I haven't even receive my pay from CO, ugh.

2 I don't get enough shifts despite informing them that I'd be free throughout the whole week 24/7 from Mon~Fri!
CO even insisted me on roaster-ing at least one day weekend when I've already mentioned I don't work on weekends when I interviewed! And I have to schedule at least 4 days a week. And it has to have 2 closing shifts, accompanied with one day weekend. They're even mean to such extent of telling me, "People who gives more shifts has the priority." Wtf! Honestly, how is that even considered as PART TIME anymore?

3 I don't even earn enough to cover my transport and meal expenses!
So you think $7/hr is a lot? How about earning only $28 per day because you're only being scheduled 4 hours a day? And there's still lunch. What's worse, the outlet I was working for is in town area. Transport itself already cost me $5 to and fro! And my meals cost at least $10! I wanted to save money so bad that I could only get myself an onigiri to chomp on before and after I work. Even the pathetic onigiri from Cold Storage costs about $2.70. Considering I only get 2 shifts per week, I earn only 56 bux. And I have to spent a minimum of $20 purely on my daily expenses. How is that even earning extra cash!? Honestly, if I wanted to pass time, I'd rather stay at home and play with my cat.

4 I meet horrible colleague that makes a fuss out of every LITTLE thing. And I really mean, LITTLE things.
Like do you have to approach the store manager when I casually ask where are some clothing specifically located? Or stab me in the back because I'm new but definitely more efficient than you?
I met this malay girl at work, and she actually screamed at me and then called the MIT over when I answered idk to her question. And her question was? "What are these mountain of clothes doing here?" Bitch, I was asked to cover you when you went for toilet break. How the eff would I know anything that's going on when it's not even part of my job for the day?! Even back at A & F. I have no trouble with anybody, BUT THEM(If you know what I mean).

5 I have bias higher ups.
I don't think I have to say much about this. Bet everyone faces this at least once in their whole lifetime! It's like a common thing for this particular race to be working in retail these days. And trust me, out of 20 colleagues I have, only 3 of them are chinese. Idk what's wrong, maybe they're racist or else they're just too jealous that I just so happened to be the better looking few in the outlet. Or perhaps I look so horrible, they hate me, wtf. I always, always, always get the most workload. Its so bad I get dumped with at least 6 piles of different sets of clothing to back stock within 4 hours of work. And I am only allowed 5 minutes toilet break. Any more, I'll get interrogated.

I'm sure I'm not the only one facing all these. In fact it happens to most of us teenagers out there, trying to earn extra bucks. Our bosses always treat us as though we are there to pass time. Even when we are so efficient and hardworking at work, we will always be deemed as "playing around".

Maybe some of you would say, "Welcome to society." Or think that I'm so well-protected I have to rant about all these because I've never met such stuff in my whole life before.

I grew up tending my family's shop since I was really young. I've met all sort of people that come and go all day, be it customers, suppliers or even random perverted uncle/aunty that loves to harass kids because they look cute. *Horror* But I've never see my parents entertaining such nincompoops at the store! They don't meet unreasonable customers or face people with horrendous attitude all day! But well, it's all in the past. I guess people these days are more flared up. They must have really hate their life.

So I sincerely believe I was just unlucky, I met all the horrible people. :( Tell me I am. Because even when I try doing similar things to what those famous people do out there, I don't get famous like they do. And others could do it so easily. Fml.

Okay, now for some happy stuff. I have totally no intention of blogging all these stuff out until the unreasonable-stuck-up-narcissist manager of mine sent me a really fucked up text. So I thought I should fuck him up too.

Baked cheesecake with mommy last Tuesday!

Sinfully fattening. Makes no sense but you know what I mean, xD And we made some Tiramisu too! I don't have le phone with me now. All the photos are in there and it's with Bby. :( Maybe I'll upload tomorrow or so once I get my hands on them!

OH! One more thing. I've recently joined this FreshKon contest, and the grand prize is an iPad(Idk how reliable cause the T&C seems really unclear but worth the try.), so I need you guys to vote for me! Hehe.

Simply click on the link and then "LIKE" the photo:
FreshKon: Absolutely Unique.
I'll share the love with you all if I really win this, hahahahaha! So thank you so much for the support and please do help me share it out!! Xoxo

Meanwhile, read my blog again while I go prepare breakfast.

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