by - Saturday, August 04, 2012

I know I havent been updating! But I'm updating now right!! I've been really busy because school's reopening next week, and I just had my orientation on Wednesday, and it practically took half of my soul away because it's been years since I last woke up at 7AM and prepare for school, fml.

But it's okay. I believe I'll get used to it soon enough! Now, die in the hands of the almighty coffee alcohol dessert... TIRAMISU!

Actually, making/baking Tiramisu is really simple. I didnt actually bake it so I think "make" would be a better word. All you need is Mascarpone Cheese, Sugar, Fresh Cream, Dark Rum with Espresso(Or your choice of alcohol/coffee), Ladyfingers and some Dark Cocoa Powder and then leave it in the fridge and it's done! SO EASY RIGHT?! Why do I sound like I'm doing a Tiramisu tutorial now. This is not a tutorial okay! So don't follow my recipe, things may turn fatal if you do, LOL. Alright nuff' said, time for the pictures!

The layer of "cream" on the top the Tiramisu! You don't add the alcohol/coffee/chocolate here!

The Espresso, mixed with a lil bit of Dark Rum. Nhmmm.....

And then the Ladyfingers. Yes, ladyfingers... It's not just a vege.

Cocoa Powder!

And yep, that's all you need, and you're mostly done. Okay, maybe there's other stuff like, sugar, fresh cream, milk, eggs, whatsoever, aiya, Google.

And the end product.....

But mommy made a lil too much. We ended up having like 10 boxes of it?! So we're giving a few boxes away.

Okay, now let me go emo for a bit. My holidays is ending in like.... 32 hours. 32 HOURS!! Can you believe it?! It's so soon! Oh god. To think the day when I just got through the interview and registration and blablabla was already near 2 months ago. Time passes so fast, and I ain't even ready. Fml.

I'll update soonish okay. There's ton of stuff I need to prepare for school, so I'm gonna get real busy next few weeks until I settle myself down with the environment and lifestyle. Stay tune, lovelies. Xoxo

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