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YOOOHOOO! It's here, it's here, it's here!

Yep, the long awaited apparels are here. There's only 5 pieces though. I was so freaked by how I looked in those photos, so most of the photos were filtered out to only what that's left on this post today. The post is filled with my face, so, don't miss me too much.

Prices and details are stated at the end of every apparel!
Free normal postage will be provided for every apparel bought!
All apparels are brand new in package with tags on.
All the apparels are free-sized! I don't have their measurements though. It fits everyone I guess? Since I'm standing at only 153CM and they fit me perfectly!

If you're interested, please email!
Also, if you have any inquiries, feel free to email me too! Or you could tweet me, @Veeviisme. I don't bite, :3

#1 Skull Bat Sleeves
Color: Black with White printings
Laced sleeve on the left!
Price: S$15.00

#2 Skull Print Tank Top
Color: Black with White printings
Has got tiny pockets by the side to create volume!
So the top wouldn't make one look too skinny or fat!
Price: S$10.00

#3 Casual Hooded Top
Color: Plain White with a Hoodie.
No buttons at all, open neck kind of hooded top.
Suitable for picnics!
Price: S$10.00

#4 Casual Black Dress
Color: Plain Black with Lacey Sleeves
One of the few dresses that I'll look weird in. Maybe cause I'm not a dress type of person!
Goes well with a pair of black puffy boots, hehe.
Price: S$18.00

#5 Bunny Hoodie
Color: Navy Blue! (Looks more like black to me)
Super fluffy, and nice to wear! The material is really cuddly!
You might die of heat stroke if you're gonna wear this out to some non-air conditioned places. But it's the best jackets you can ever find if you're freezing in some kind of air con-ed rooms like lecture halls, offices and etc!
Price: S$30.00

Okay, that's about it! All pictures are photographed by my boyf, and the almighty me. You see, I took the effort to model for those clothes and then edit the photos to make them look pretty despite my ugly, pale, pancake face. Not saying the apparels are not pretty la! I wish I could keep them but I don't really dress up, plus I don't think those clothes are suitable for me... So ya...

And the usual few low self esteem rants....

I am just a small shrimp that probably has no more than 50 views per day. And that 50 views are most probably from the same person.... And I doubt anybody would buy all these clothes from me.... But it's worth the try, since the net is big. So to all you pretty ladies and handsome hunkies out there that reads my blog, share it out for me okay!

Tryin' to earn some extra cash since school is starting and I haven't even get myself a decent bag. Needless to say making myself look presentable. I don't even have the cash to do my hair or get myself some nice clothes for school. OTL. And I'm just a shrimp. So don't even talk about sponsors. *Faints*

Alright, I still have stuff to do. Rushing deadline in less than a week, oh god. I'll blog again soon!

Remember to share okay(!!) Thank you, lovelies! Xo

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