Ice Cream Delivery @ Matilda's Gelato!

by - Friday, December 04, 2020

Finally! 24 hours ice cream delivery for the lonely souls all day long. Got to really thank the friendly bunch from Matilda's Gelato satisfying the sweet tooth in me and my family. A quick brief about Matilda's Gelato, they swore by deliverying the perfect premium ice cream within 1 hour from ordering. Homemade and handmade to perfection, they serve not only classic flavors, there is also exotic flavors such as Durian, Gula Melaka, Black Sesame, Cookie Dough just a few to name.

With just $60, I managed to get 4 flavors; Espresso, BubbleGum, Black Sesame, and Earl Grey. Mostly exotic flavors because you don't see it in stores everyday! I changed my delivery address last minute, and the team were really nice to make an impromptu change of address for me and delivered my ice cream all nice and icy. Matilda's Gelato also makes sure their ice cream arrives ready to eat, not too icy, not anywhere melted. Just nice for you to grab a spoon and devour the entire tub while binging on your favorite Netflix show.

The package comes with cups and spoons ready for sharing if you were in midst a party. Also sparing the hassle to wash your utensils and bowls. Just niam niam and throw!

My favorite flavor is the Espresso one. And being a Black Sesame fan, Kimmy loveeeees the Black Sesame. The thing about their ice cream is that it isn't too sweet, but still retaining it's strong flavor, so it makes you craving for more. Perfect dessert after a sumptuous meal!

Get your ice cream craving fixed at anytime with Matilda's Gelato! Check out for more information!

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