Origin Mattress: Superior Coolmax Latex Pillow

by - Monday, July 13, 2020

It’s as if they pry into my mind, and knew I was looking for a new pillow and handed one over to me to let me review! My current pillow has been giving me terrible headache and I’ve been wanting to get myself a new one for ages now but never got the chance to go shop for one because I was too lazy to head out. To make things worse, because of my condition, my joints get really stiff and my current almost non-existence pillow seriously is not helping. I kept getting stiff neck from it! It’s as if I wasn’t sleeping on a pillow at all?! I always wake up to find myself using my bolster as my pillow at some point in the night, hahaha.

So Origin Mattress has been really nice to drop one pillow at my doorstep and saved my the hassle to go shopping. I actually haven’t bought any new mattress or pillow since moving into my new home. Let alone mention house tour, photo or whatnot... Too much had been going on in my life for me to sit back and focus on the sidelines.

Before Origin Mattress, I was also looking around at other pillow comparisons and reviews on website like Best In Singapore to understand better what people usually look for in pillows. You’d be surprised just how much science goes into creating the best pillow ever. All these while I’ve only thought about comfort and why are pillows so expensive, LOL. My go to furniture mall? IKEA, HAHAHA. Please don’t go IKEA if you’re looking to get a lasting pillow or mattress.

The pillow I received from Origin Mattress is the Origin Superior Coolmax Latex Pillow. You must be wondering why is it Superior and Coolmax because I also got really intrigued when I first heard of it. First off, why latex over memory foam? I was a fan of memory foam until it got so flat and lost its shape. I have to hit it often to get the fluff back and it’s honestly very tedious. It also gets very hard and compressed after a while.

Meanwhile for Origin Superior Coolmax Latex Pillow, it uses responsive latex foam support that moulds to the shape of your head, providing you the right level of sleep support. I personally didn’t exactly felt this part of the pillow. My head is probably too light; not only does it not shape my head, it feels like I am bouncing on the surface. I would prefer it much, much softer to be honest. Right now it just feels like a soft block.

What I really love about it though, is the cooling gel!! I sleep like a dead log that barely moves so my head gets really hot sleeping through the night, and this cooling gel is amazing. But instead of sleeping on my back, the cool feeling had recently made me started sleeping on my stomach with my face on the pillow hugging it. I don’t know if it’s a good thing because my sleeping posture had obviously changed but I am sure as hell my husband loves this pillow more than I do. He stole it from me the first two nights I started using it leaving me on my bolster again. 

There are many other types of pillows recommended by Best In Singapore, I think I would still have to try out a few more before I get that one perfect good night sleep. 

Don’t forget to check out Best In Singapore for more one stop reviews and recommendations! 

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