2 weeks since discharge!

by - Wednesday, May 22, 2019

I am really writing just to jot down what goes on in my journey to remission so that I can read back and remember the hassle I went through, so I will take note to be a good girl and not let my condition flare in future, HAHAHA. I really foresee myself going off rail once I get better, istg. I'm already starting to forget my meds just because I feel better, sigh.

Anyway, I went for my 2nd review today! No consultation, just a blood test to see if my potassium count dropped. Last week I had my first medical review with my doc to check if I am adjusting well to the new medication. To my horror, my potassium count was waaaayyyy above average and I had to go on a strict low-potassium diet to see if it was the meds that caused the problem, or was it my diet. And guess what. Just the day before, I basically ate pure potassium meals for the entire day!!

Broccoli, potato, lady finger, oats, tomatoes, kiwi, yadah-yadah, hahahahaha.

I didn't even know. And they are all my favorite food(?!) So I was barred from having too much of my favorite stuff until they find out whether it was the meds or my diet. I swear to god, it was a torture. I had to avoid my potatoes and broccoli, but whatever I can think of whenever it's lunch/dinner time are potato and broccoli.......

So.... I was given potassium suppressers and took another 3 weeks worth of medication until my next consultation. But well. I SURVIVED!!

And my blood test turned out good this time! Potassium count is stable, and I can finally have my pooootaaaatoeeeessss!! That aside, inflammation has also gone down, liver is showing pretty good signs. Doc is looking to cut my prednisolone dosage in 4 weeks time, then I can finally get out of 50mg/day dose! The high dose steroid's side effects are catching up real fast, it really scares me. I am starting to put on weight on my cheeks, and my wounds are starting to heal reeeeeally slowly... skin's thinning and peeling real bad too. If this continues I think I'mma become a south african rain frog in no time. XD

Of course, side effects will cease along with the decrease of prednisolone dosage. Just 4 more weeks to go, and I can start tapering! I can't wait! Alrighty, that's all for now. 3 weeks to next appointment, hope I can start tapering a week earlier instead, and start getting life back on track once again. I'm so sick of being unproductive, :(

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