Lofree Four Season Keyboard

by - Wednesday, June 27, 2018

Received a retro throwback from Lofree the other day and I am currently happily tapping away on my new found sweetheart as I record down how much I love my new Bluetooth Mechanical Keyboard. I used to spend hours and hours on my computer back when I was younger, tapping away on what most people thought was annoying, the mechanical keyboard. But what they don't know was the joy of hearing how fast I was keying into the computer and knowing I am actually being productive, makes me want to continue typing my codes away.

Then came college life and I moved onto macbooks, external keyboards were no longer a thing anymore. It even feels weird to use a mouse these days because I am way too used to using drawing tablet, otherwise the mousepad itself. Is this how passion dies? Because equipments are no longer interesting?

Whatever it is, I am dead immersed in the land of clicky noises. Sound of Lofree Four Seasons filling up the room blending into Blackpink's Du-du-du.

Here's a few thing about Lofree's Four Season Keyboard:

1 It's a Mechanical Keyboard
2 It is wireless
3 It has a retro finish
4 It's designed for Mac.

You read it right, it's specially designed for Mac! Ever since I shifted to Mac, I had to throw away my keyboards from back when I was using Windows since they won't come into use anymore. I tried looking for mac keyboards, but there aren't many options in the market. Pretty mac keyboards are as rare as rainbow appearing in the night skies.

Although Lofree's Four Season keyboard is designed for macintosh, it also comes with an option for you to switch between Windows/Android & Mac/iOS. The tiny button on the right side of the keyboard allows you to easily switch between different platforms. Next to it is the bluetooth/on/off switch which allows you to chose from using it wireless or wired. With that said, just above the switches is a USB port that allows you to wire the keyboard to your computer.

Best part about this keyboard is that it allows you to pair up to 3 different devices at any time. Once paired, you can easily switch it between different devices with shortcuts: fn + 1, 2, 3.

Inspired by the four seasons, this Lofree range comes in 4 different design!

I was so spoilt for choice I had to do a roulette to decide which one to get. I eventually got the Autumnal Grey. Good thing it goes well with my table and macbook, hahahaha.

As much as I love the pretty round keys Lofree has, it really does require a little bit of getting use to. Prolly because I haven't touch a keyboard in eons, though this feels good, it feels extremely new to my chubby fingers. Kimmy was raving about how comfortable it is to type in while not forgetting to complain about how annoying macbook keyboard is!

Alright, here's what you guys have been waiting for.
You can purchase your own Lofree Keyboard through this referral link, and get 20% off your total bill!

Time for me to invest in a mouse now that I have a wireless keyboard at work. I can't wait to switch over to iMac when the new house arrives!

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