End of Year 2.

by - Wednesday, April 26, 2017

It's finally the time of the year where I celebrate my end of Semester again. I remembered when I first entered degree course, I was suffering from major culture shock. The way people work is so different from what I had knew from my diploma time, and working experience. Not sure if it's a school thing, but everything just felt so foreign because nobody practices industry standards.

Well, whatever it is... I survived yet another gruelling year, and I'm left with just one more year to go. Despite contemplating drop out multiple times throughout this year, I managed to drag my feet and go through it. Got to really thanks Narissa for being around all the time though. She made school much more bearable.

And good news is that, I've received news on my major and minor. Because we have to chose what we wanna do as our major for our final year in film school. Thankful enough, I've got what I wanted and I had successfully moved on to Year 3. Good fucking lord, you have no idea how worried I was about failing my semester again because I was having so much trouble with the kids. Yknow, usual stuff.... Dramas, politics, full of hate and discrimination. I honestly don't get why people cannot be more professional and just move on with it. Why do you have to bitch about someone else and make things ugly for everyone? Everyone is there to learn, no?

Whatever it is, I'm just glad I am still alive and kickin'. Yet to suicide because of the immense pressure suppressing me.
With that, onwards Convocation 2018!

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