Halloween with Wigaholics!

by - Sunday, October 02, 2016


No, I am not a cosplayer, and honestly I look weird in wigs. I tried on one previously when I did a show with Marble Wonderland AFA2013, it turned out pretty bad... Probably why they didn't call me back anymore ever since that show, (LOL)

But I've always wanted to try costume playing. Not exactly your anime character cosplay kind of thing, but more of a ..... creating different fantasy and crazy look kind of thing. I really like experimenting different make-up and looks, but my hair is a burden. First off, I have really really thin hair(I was born with it, I am not balding ok.) So it makes it really hard for me to do different style with it looking normal and thick on my head.

Secondly, because my hair is really really thin, it is extremely brittle. It breaks after 2 bleaches. What the hell, 2 bleaches can't even get you blonde. /Ugh
So ya, I can't do many types of hair color that I am dying to achieve.

Wigaholics, granting my far fetched dream, has sponsored me a set of starter kit with the Mirage Duo Black Blonde.

The starter kit comes with 1 x Hair Net, 1 x Wig Stand, 1 x Metal Hair Brush, 1 x set of Hairpins. The wig stand is not exactly useful for me though. Because the wig I ordered is really thick, heavy and long, the stand couldn't really support it's weight. But if you are getting a thinner wig, it shouldn't be too much of a problem!

It is also surprisingly comfortable unlike my first experience with wigs back during the AFA event. Apart from the fact that it can get really really warm because of how thick the wig is, it actually feels so comfortable you'd forget that you are actually wearing a wig. It's not pricky, so it doesn't itch your scalp as much!

And the wig is really really soft!! You can even straighten it out, or curl it as long as your straightener doesn't exceed a certain temperature!

I ended up straightening the wig because once the wig is straight, it is easier to style hahahaha.

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Have an amazing Halloween guys! I hope all of you have fun dressing up this coming Halloween! ^3^

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